Find the best backlinks to get you ranked on any keyword

Our new backlinks tool will help you find strong backlink opportunities with a specific keyword as your starting point. Here’s one of the ways it helps you quickly find strong, effective backlinks.

We will find the top domains that rank on that keyword and similar terms, and the pages we show you in the results already link to those niche-dominating domains. These backlinks act like “king makers.” They’re a common ranking factor top-ranking domains.

The new Backlink Builder will be is built into the power set of tools on


You don’t have to mine through your competitor’s content for backlink suggestions.
You can start with a keyboard you’d like to rank on instead.
We take domains that are already ranked on that keyword, or similar terms, and find the best backlinks that they have in common.
Those are the pages you should pursue, because not only are they the kingmakers of that keyword, but they also have multiple links already on their page, making it easier for you to get backlinks to your content.

  • Josh

    This doesn’t show up for any competitor or keyword search. Any insight?