Find Businesses who know the Value of Social Content

Update: Since this article was published, we made some changes to the site that added some functionality to the Top Lists section. Find more relevant and helpful tips by “Combining Your Filters to Find the People you want to Reach.”

Social share buttons on a website

Social share buttons are easy for domains to include on a page. Of course the fact that they use them could be a sign of many things. It is open to interpretation. Sometimes these buttons are afterthoughts, and sometimes they’re placed strategically, with just the right content in mind.

Still, filtering lists of domains that use a social share button can help you filter businesses down to those who know the value of moving content through social media, one way or another. You can make many different assumptions about their level of sophistication, but when you choose this filter for your leads, you’re getting companies who—at the very least—want to gather a social following.

Look up their domain’s social metrics. Is it working? If they have share buttons on, you should be able to see how many times it’s been “liked” on Facebook or tweeted. A small business owner here in Arizona told us that she chose a printing vendor (between 2 quality bids) based on how popular they seemed to be with their customers.


If you’re digging deeper into the actual content that gets shared in social media, you can see how their novelty gift category pulls in a bigger audience via social than the home decor category does. Click the domain name that comes up in the Top Lists grid, and take a look at its Top pages section (scroll down).

Click any the URLs to see social metrics from just that page. Now you’re far more knowledgeable about how their separate content does in social.

If you’re approaching them for partnerships or joint promotions, you’ve got a better position knowing what kind of content is their best foot forward. Given the choice, you can pick what you want them to use to promote your program.