Find high-potential keywords to improve upon

Start with SpyFu Recon Files: Two specific sections in this report – Biggest Opportunities and Keyword Groups with the Most Potential – prioritize keywords that make the most of your optimization efforts.

Details: Start with SpyFu Recon Files

From the Recon Files tab, create a report on your own domain.

Create Report Tab

Inside the report, head to the “Biggest Opportunities” section around page 10. (Or, look for it in the navigation menu in the PDF format.)

Biggest Keyword Opportunities

These are keywords you currently rank on, but not in the top spot. By prioritizing your SEO focus on these keywords, you stand to gain more clicks than you would compared to focusing on other keywords.

Next, head to the “Keyword Groups with the Most Potential” section about 2 pages further in the report.

Keyword Groups With the Most Potential

This section summarizes groups of keywords that could benefit from similar content. The improvements here lead to more valuable clicks than when compared to other keyword groups.

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Opportunity for New SEO Business

Keywords with the Most Potential