Find negative match keywords that save money

Download an AdWords Advisor Report Create your own domain-specific Recon Files report designed to improve your PPC campaign.   Follow the section devoted to negative match keyword suggestions.

Start with SpyFu Kombat: its unique overlaps create an automatic filter that singles out keywords you should drop.

Option #1 Details: Download an AdWords Advisor Report.

1.   Click the Recon Files tab, and choose the “AdWords Advisor report” for PPC.

2.  Enter your domain into the field. Click “Create”

AdWords Advisor Report

3. When the report is ready, open the Negative Match keyword suggestions.

SpyFu Best Negative Match Opportunities Tool

4. Review the listed keywords, ranked by the highest potential for savings.  Set them to “negative match” in your AdWords account.

Option #2 Details: Start with SpyFu Kombat

1.       Start by searching your own domain in

Domain Search

2.       Once you get results, scroll down to the Competitor Shared Keywords section. On the right hand side, you will find the Shared Paid Keywords. With that group, choose the “exclusive keywords” segment and click.

Shared Paid Keywords

3.       This will open an interactive set of keywords in an already-filtered list. You can stop here and browse the list, but I suggest a few more steps to hone in on the right keywords.

4.      Back at the top of the page, look for the export option. (Shown below) Choose “Export to CSV” so that you have the keywords in a spreadsheet.

Kombat Export

5.  Once you have your spreadsheet, sort by “cost per day” to find your most aggressive offenders first. Skim through the list for unintentional matches. These will be irrelevant keywords that your domain matched, usually because of a double meaning or a broad match instance where you cast too wide a net.

This is why we have you start with keywords that are exclusive to your domain. Unintentional broad matches aren’t likely across multiple domains.

6.       Even if you didn’t intend to buy these keywords, match types are often the culprit. For a better look at the actual search engine results page that includes your ad, view the cached page. Click on the keyword inside of SpyFu to open its results page and get the Cached SERP Page option.

View Cached Page

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