Find one bold statement to make you stand out

Usually when SpyFu inspires someone to amp up their marketing, it’s because we’ve helped uncover a hidden search marketing strategy their competitors thrive on. In this case, we had a bit of a surprise. Patrick Allmond told us how a single bold statement in our cancellation video opened his eyes to how he wants customers to see — and remember –him.

(Jump ahead to 1:15 and he’ll explain why.)


  • Lickylick

    It’s about time a marketer realized putting up a long winded continuously repeating slightly reworded sales pitch either as a page to read or as a video you must watch in order to get to the one thing every single customer wants to see pretty quickly is the fastest way to get me to leave your website. If you use this method to sell, you are turning countless numbers away due to being “a dick”. What does it cost, and what are the other fees charges that you are try ing to sneak in there as if they are legit and not just the over well worn use of another set of shipping and handling charges. Which btw almost 100% of the time get an instant click on the “x” to close that tab or page. Being a “dick” and trying to use P&H as if we can’t do simple math are the definition of “being a dick” to your customers in the sale and upsell. Learn.