First reactions to our backlinks tool

The SpyFu Backlink Builder is making fans with its focus on finding the best backlinks to help you rank on specific keywords. These are some of the reactions we’ve heard since its debut this week:

Freakishly amazing…

“Their new back link tool is freakishly amazing. In seconds, you discover what links you more-than-likely need to achieve top listings in the search engines. In minutes, you map out a link building strategy complete with contact information at those authority sites that saves a ton of time.

My only question is this:  What are SEO experts going to do with an extra 30 hours a week?  A good problem to have. Thanks Team SpyFu.”

–Byron White,

Filter backlinks by keywords that they rank on


A new way of looking at and building backlinks…

[This is] “not just another database but a new way of looking at and building backlinks. The seven years of keyword ranking data make this the most powerful tool I know [for] pin-pointing relevant sites and then you get to compare that data with which of those sites link to your competition.

There is no tool I know of (and I’ve looked) that can provide such an in-depth view of a site’s organic and paid presence and as Sun Tzu said, “Know your enemy.” And then they took it one step further.

–Dave Davies, Beanstalk SEO

Also from Dave Davies via Search Engine Watch: “How to Find Link Building Opportunities in 5 Steps Using SpyFu’s New Backlink Builder”


It lessens this drudgery and simplifies the process…

[SpyFu] “aims to help lessen this drudgery and simplify the process down to the keyword [you want to rank on]…The Backlink Builder is a tool that focuses on providing quality and relevant links to the user through keyword search, a feature that isn’t available with their competitors.”