Get your competitors’ shared backlinks that you’re missing

The upcoming Backlink Builder helps you find the best inbound link opportunities for your site. One of the features we built in came from SpyFu Kombat–using multiple competitors to single out the most important keywords that you’re missing. Apply that to backlinks, and we’ll help you find the inbound links that you should get too.

When one page links to two or more of your competitors, you can’t afford to be left out. Not only is it a good sign of relevance, but if the page already gives multiple outbound links, getting your site added is pretty likely.

The Backlink Kombat section in this tool helps you discover competitors’ shared inbound links that you’re not getting. You can choose any combination of domains that get the same link while excluding your site from the search.

Watch for the Backlink Builder to be added to this month.

Video Transcript:

Do you have multiple competitors, and would like to get in on the backlinks that they share.
Backlinks Combat lets you pit multiple domains against each other to see what backlinks they share.
Which means one, it’s probably to get that backlink, since it’s not exclusive to one competitor in your industry, and two, it’s a piece of content that’s clearly in you and your competitor’s niche.
So it’s valuable to be in on that space in any case.