Get inspiration for keyword ideas from a competitor

If you start with a specific keyword in mind, you can come up with keyword lists that match your budget and search volume needs. It’s a solid way to start getting new keyword ideas, especially keywords that similar competitors have bought (or ranked for) may times. However, if there’s a competitor you want to emulate, you can follow these steps to use their organic and paid keywords as a starting point toward inspiration.

Start with Related Keywords: Get the competitors’ top keywords, and then filter down to the best list that works for your own campaign.


Step 1. Start with a competitor in mind.

Type your competitor’s domain into the main SpyFu search box.
Enter a domain to search the domain overview

Step 2. Find their keywords.

When the domain overview page opens, scroll down to their keywords. You’ll have two options: organic keywords or paid keywords. Choose either one (or both) with “view all…”
Top Keywords for a domain on SpyFu
The lists are sorted by a different qualities/conditions. If you choose Organic Keywords, the list defaults to being sorted by “Most Valuable Keywords.” It’s a good starting point for your own ideas
Browse the list to get inspiration, export it for reference, or move on to Step 3 where you can narrow the list further.

Step 3. Filter them to match your needs.

Click to sort keywords by estimated click value in SpyFu

Narrow your results with a phrase-match filter. You can limit the results by typing in a word, and we’ll show only keywords that have that word in their phrasing. It’s great for separating categories and coming up with long-tail ideas.

You can also sort the columns by clicking its title. Finish by exporting all keywords or a selected group.