Get more accurate data in Google Analytics

Google Analytics often reads third-party tools like PayPal as a referring site. If someone logs in PayPal to purchase from another site, that looks to Google as though PayPal sent the visitor to the original site. Not only is it bad information to act on, it breaks your session data. With a simple exclusion trick shown in this video, you can get more accurate data through Nacho Analytics when you’re looking at a competitor’s analytics.

We saw in another example how email traffic can be incorrectly classified in Google Analytics as referral traffic. Here we are using that same idea to clean up your analytics so you get truer, more accurate data. This fix will help fight broken sessions.

Solution for More Accurate Referral Data

From the Property View, go to Tracking Info>Exclusion List.

With this solution, you are telling Google Analytics that anyone coming in from PayPal is probably buying. It’s a solution to a common problem.

If you see any third party shopping carts, those will break your sessions, and you’ll want to add them to this same exclusion list shown in the video.