Good Old Fashioned Phone Calls — Contact Your B2B Leads

Update: Since this article was published, we made some changes to the site that shifted some functionality to the Top Lists section. Find more relevant and helpful tips by “Combining Your Filters to Find the People you want to Reach.”


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While the social channel is a great way to start a conversation, some businesses go for the direct call. Sales groups that rely on high-volume calls say that Twitter isn’t the best way for them to engage.

If you fall into that camp, you can require that any leads you view or export have phone numbers tied to them. Start from the ideas on our Top Lists page, or create a list of B2B leads from any domain on

If you’re browsing a list, you can spot contacts that have phone numbers using the icons in the right hand column. But you can require them by choosing that contact method in the filter options on the left.

Top Lists sorting contact information by phone

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