SpyFu is working past Google’s Keyword Planner limits

Google put limits in place on how much data advertisers (and, especially, non-advertisers) can get from the Keyword Planner. Even once they get through, customers are facing error messages on the page and broad ranges in their search volume stats. They are understandably confused. Since we’ve been open for years about some of our data coming from the Keyword Planner, it makes sense that you’d wonder what this means for SpyFu results. Here’s what we can share.

Things look good.

We found a solution* that is working in our tests. We plan to have search volume data for you in the SpyFu monthly results just like always. 

Just like with past Google updates, we find a way to keep delivering the answers you rely on.

Google keyword planner limited

We’re keeping our eyes open.

Earlier this week, many customers hit the same error message that Google served up over the summer. (To use the Keyword Planner, you need to have at least one active campaign.) They are saying publicly that this message itself was an error, possibly a technical issue. Here’s what we have gathered so far:

  • To use the Keyword Planner, you must have at least one active campaign. (They updated this to say that you must have an account.)
  • Accounts with a low spend will see broad search volume ranges instead of specific numbers.

Both of these restrictions are slaps to SEOs who either choose not to run an AdWords campaign or don’t have access to the account if someone else runs it. Since we’ve been dedicated to serving both SEO and PPC professionals, we’re doing everything in our power to make sure that the data doesn’t skip a beat.


*Please understand that as transparent as we’d like to be, we don’t want to jeopardize our fix by announcing how we plan to work around it. Thanks for understanding.