Help my Clients Understand SEO value

Bring a Recon Files report to help make your case: Explaining the value of SEO is much easier when you can show them what their keywords already do for them and what is within reach.

Details: Start with SpyFu Recon Files

1.  From the Recon Files tab, create a report on your client’s domain.

2.  Focus on the bottom 2 graphs found on the opening page of charts (usually page 4 or 5).

Value of Organic Clicks

3.  Start with an explanation about traffic. Ranking is important, but only because it drives clicks. When these clicks are from relevant and competitive keywords, they are even more valuable.

That’s the key focus: Ranks –> Clicks –> Value.

4.  Use the lower left graph to illustrate the clicks that their SEO rankings are bringing in. Discuss with them how expensive—but valuable—it would be if they were getting those clicks from PPC.

5.  Transition to the lower right graph because it answers that question. “If you had to buy all of those organic clicks in Google AdWords, they’d cost $24k.”

Try SpyFu Recon Files

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