Hold on to my SEO Clients Longer

Update: We’ve added a newer article with a little more help here at “What Retaining a Customer is Worth.” Check it out, or move ahead with these tips:


Use a Recon Files report: promoting the value of your work helps persuade clients to stay with you. Your goal every month is to keep them for one month longer. Repeat.

Details: Use a Recon Files report to retain clients.

The key focus is to assert your value each month. Start by creating a recurring Recon Files report using your client’s domain. Present these 4 persuasive sections that strongly assert the value you have created for them:

1. Amount of Keywords in Top Search Results

This section from page 4 is an insightful view of your keyword rankings. It’s not just the top (red) section that boasts the share of your keyword in top-ranked positions, either. The gold and yellow sections are keyword rankings within reach, and the blue keyword rankings are often highly-relevant, long-tail keywords. This foundation is a rich base of material you have already started to build on.

Amount of Keywords in Top Results

2. Biggest Gains

Present the keywords you’ve had the most success with this past month. It’s a point of momentum, reminding your clients what they would have missed without your work—measured in clicks and dollars.

SEO Biggest Gains

3. Newly Ranked Pages

This is a very specific view of the actual pages that gained traction. We include details you can share about keywords that trigger these pages, the estimated clicks they bring in each month, and the value we can objectively assign to these new rankings.

Newly Ranked Organic Pages

4.  From new content, drill into new keywords with New Keywords You Weren’t Ranked on Before

Showcase the new keywords that now trigger your content as relevant search results. Like the keyword foundations you explained with the first graph, these new improvements are a path to more clicks and increased value.

New Keywords

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