Start with Optimized Ad Copy from Day 1

Really good ad copy isn’t always obvious. A few tweaks here and there over time help, but the true test comes from what people actually click on. It’s what converts. That kind of testing takes a lot of time and money, but if you competitors have already done it for you, why not learn from their results and start with optimized copy on day 1?

It’s great to emulate advertisers who A/B test their ads, but it’s even smarter to follow those who A/B/C/D/E/F and G test their copy. It sorts out the unproven results from true winning variations. Our improvements in Ad History make it easy for you to find the ad copy that strong advertisers rely on after it’s proven successful over so many other options.





Video Transcription:

So we’ve talked a bit about impersonating your competitor’s ad copy to optimize your ad words campaign before spending any money on it.  But this time I want to get more into the nitty-gritty of the best strategies to accomplish that and how SpyFu can help.


Let’s talk insurance.  It’s an incredibly competitive industry with a lot of big players on the board.  Finding the ad copy that catches a person’s eye could turn a single click into a customer with a huge lifetime value.  So hitting the ground running is absolutely key to your survival.  We’re going to narrow down our insurance search to something specific.  Now I don’t want to brag but I know a thing or two about motorcycles.  But beyond phrases like wicked jumps and fiery hoops, I’m not entirely sure of the best way to advertise for motorcycle insurance.  I hope to use SpyFu to teach me to use some patterns and possibly some tricks behind good advertising.


A good tip for searching through SpyFu ad history is to be kind of specific.  I’ll get on to why a little bit later but for now I’m going to type in motorcycle insurance quote and scroll down to most successful advertisers and their best adds and click on View More.  This page will show you everyone who is advertising on motorcycle insurance quotes starting with those people who are the most successful.  The two advertisers at the top of the list are no surprise.  GEICO and Progressive.  And it looks like GEICO is just slaying the field possibly because their estimated advertising budget is just got compared to the other businesses on this list but just because an advertiser is near the top, doesn’t necessarily mean that their copy is good or well tested.


You want to make sure that the advertisers you impersonate are AB testing their ads.  Testing one ad against another.  Actually that’s not true.  You want to make sure they are doing much more than that, A, B, C, D, E, F, G testing.  For example is near the top and they’ve been advertising on this keyword since 2009.  And they still have only run three different ads.  Is it because they found the mother load of all ad copy?  Possibly.  But more likely they’re being lazy.  GEICO is at the top spot for a reason.  They’ve been testing ads up to the letter R meaning they’ve been running 18 different ad variations for this keyword since they started bidding on it.  But they always seem to go back to the H variation.  This is a perfect example of a company wanting to try new things but is always going back to the one that work best for them.  Sticking with it for a while until they think they have something better but it looks like See our low rates on motorcycle insurance.  How much could you save? continues to stand the test of time for them.  They’ve been on the top page ads for 33% of the time and SpyFu has some Google display their ad a 100% of the time that we checked.  Mostly thanks for their H test.


I’m going to click on GEICO right here.  I want to see if they have any other jams regarding motorcycle insurance quotes.  It looks like their number one top ad is in fact that same H ad.  It has a 47% of ad served meaning that out of all the ads on this page which is page 1 of our motorcycle insurance quote filter, this ad has been run 47% of the time.  You’ll hear me say on this page a lot and that’s because the frequency grasp as lot as the percentage of ads served depends entirely on what is shown on this particular page.  We narrow it down to a page by page basis because for big domains like GEICO who run tens of thousands of ads any ad copy would be served less than 1% of the time if we took it to consideration the entire campaign.  This is why it is important to use filtering to really pinpoint the category of ad copy you’re looking for.  What’s nice about SpyFu is you could pretty much stop right here if you’d like.  Bam!


You have the best advertiser, you have their best ad copy what more could you ask for?  Copy, paste, grab a beer.  But if that’s not enough for you the next highest ad has 12% of ad served.  By looking at this little graph, you’ll notice the frequency that this ad has run.  About six months ago they were using it quite a bunch relative to the other ads on this page and then started pulling back on it a few months ago and just started using it again.  This should remind you of when we looked at all of GEICO’s ads for the keyword motorcycle insurance quotes.  They might be trying new and different ad copy across the board but our finding that this particular ad is just too good to let go off completely.  Also this ad copy looks like it has a 100% success rate of getting in the valuable upper ads averaging the number spot for every time it was run.  Whereas their top ad only made it into the upper ad 61% of the time with an average position of 3.  Again as far as we know you can’t buy you way in to those top spots.  You have to earn it with a good quality score.


So when looking at lists of ad copies, it’s a good idea to mix in the ones that reached the top of the page more often if they are not being served as often.  Something I enjoy about this ad is its weirdness in terms of double punctuation. They end their sentence with a period, put two spaces and then add a registered trademark symbol.  What the fuck is that about?  For me it reads saving people on more than just car insurance.  With other companies, I might think this is just an oversight but with GEICO, I’m not so sure.  Using unnecessary ASCII characters like a question mark or a registered trademark symbol may have been a trick that they picked up to attract a customer’s eye.


I looked it up and apparently that is a technique.  Its silly tricks like this that make me love this tool all the more.  Even if I don’t want to copy and paste this exact ad copy, this one little technique might be something I want to AB test in my campaign.  I have absolutely nothing to lose by giving it a shot.  So those are some of the really awesome features, techniques and tricks that can help you start with optimize and ad copy on day one.


But now I want to show you something really cool.  SpyFu has been collecting this data longer than anyone else in the industry which puts us in a unique position to see the actual birth of a company and how they’ve grown.  So just as an example we’ve been collecting data longer than has been a company.  So we can see the first ad that they ever ran and every single test, winners and losers, every step along the way.  They were just a small online shop like a lot of us are.  The CEO was probably writing some of these first ads and they weren’t the first online coupon shop but somehow they managed to master the ad words game.


So you can see proven lessons from the start because you know that GroupOn eventually became a success story and so we can learn these lessons without having to suffer through them as well.  When we look at one of their keywords like daily deals, we can see we’re living social and the other competitors came into the space and how they influenced each other.  They can be ridiculously empowering to see the birth and evolution of an entire company and watch how they go from something small into a giant force on the internet.  Of course like the example before, if you don’t care about their rise power, we can simply give you the best ad copy that they’re currently running.  Five years of history is a lot and there’s a lot that you can gain from it.


Finding your competitors’ patterns of success is the key to starting with optimize ad copy in your campaign.  Use domains that have a solid buying strategy already.  Take their texts and techniques to give your campaign a running start before you spend a dime.  Thank you for watching.