Identify Emerging Competitors

Start with SpyFu Main: use your own domain to reveal competitors on the rise
Or, take a look at Ad History: the month-to-month chart shows us the newest competitors on the scene and which ones are poised to strike.

Details: Start with SpyFu Main

1.       Start by searching your own domain in the search bar at the top of

2.       On the results page, scroll down to the Top Organic (and Top Ad) Competitors section.

Top organic competitors

3.       Select the “view more” button to open the list of competitors in your browser, and use the stats like budget and clicks to determine your up and coming threats.

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Details: Start with Ad History

1.   Enter an industry keyword into the search bar on SpyFu. Scroll down to “Most Successful Advertisers and Their Best Ads.”

2.  The results page will list all domains that have advertised on that keyword in the past 12 months.

Most successful advertisers and their best ads
3.  Older ads are to the left, and more recent ads run to the right. The domains are listed from top to bottom, similar to their ad positions.

Ad History showing an advertiser with new ads

4.  Use that pattern to identify emerging competitors who appear toward the top (competitively ranked) and to the right (newer to the scene). Domains that ran the yellow-circled ads are good examples of new 1st-page advertisers, but the blue circled ads come from domains that are relatively new on this keyword, and they still place pretty low in ad positions.

Ad History showing an advertiser with emerging growth

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