Inspire My Clients to Spend More in SEO

Update: We’ve added a newer article with a little more help here at “Land New SEO Clients.” Check it out, or move ahead with these tips:


Use their domain to create a Recon Files report: the opportunity sections paint a clear picture of what you can do for them if they invest in more SEO services with you.

Details: Use their domain to create a Recon Files report.

1.  Focus on a 2-step approach: lay out a plan of the high-value goals you can accomplish, and then build urgency with your client so they take action right away.

2.  When creating a Recon Files report, start with your client’s domain in the first step of the wizard.

3.  Start with the first part of the plan in laying out high-value goals you can accomplish: find the “Biggest Opportunities” section and “Keywords Not Ranked on But Should Be.”

  • These sections prioritize your plans. The Recon Files report lists the exact keywords to optimize for, leading the way to increased clicks that deliver valuable traffic.
Keyword data showing biggest opportunities and keywords not ranked on but should be

4.  Move on to “Keyword Groups with the Most Potential.” This section similarly prioritizes keywords that will pay off best, but this time the answers include powerful topics. Related groups help you plan a strategy—setting up the ground work of inspiring your clients to spend more in SEO.

SEO Report data including Traffic share and clicks gained and lost on keywords

5.  Inspiration to spend more requires a feeling of urgency to act. Spur your clients into action by showing them what is happening with competitors on their tail.

6.  Head to the “Traffic Share” and “Domains that Gained or Lost Clicks on your Keywords” sections. Both are on page 14 (approximate page depending on the report).

  • Designed to build urgency, these sections help you explain that competitors are taking action and getting results. Left unanswered, these results could bump your clients out of the way if they don’t follow your well-planned strategy.

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