Dread Updates and Ad Group Set-Up in your PPC Campaign? Keyword Groupie to the Rescue

Let’s admit it together. Setting up ad groups is a time-draining chore. Unlike ad copy creation, visitors never really see your ad groups, but it is a necessary part of campaign management.  That’s why we created a fast short-cut in Keyword Groupie (shown on SpyFu as “Keyword Groups” for domains and “Keyword Grouping” for keywords).  The idea was to make ad groups as pain-free as possible.

But even beyond time saving, frustration-killing convenience, Keyword Groupie delivers a measurable improvement to your campaigns.


Organized groups lead to a better quality score.

Grouped keywords –> targeted ad groups –> relevant ads –> better quality score and more conversions.

Let’s start in the shoes of vitaminshoppe.com. You can run the same ad for variations of “supplements.” Or, you can turn to Keyword Groupie for 19 distinct supplement ad groups—each one getting a specific ad relevant to that search.

Keyword Group for vitaminshoppe - vitaminshoppe.com

In many cases, the ad copy needs only one or two words changed to be more relevant, but the match pays off. “Affordable supplement” shoppers will convert more readily with a budget-focused ad than if they had been served an ad aimed at “cortislim diet supplement” shoppers. In many cases without Keyword Groupie, those could have been left with far less relevant copy in the same ad group.

In addition to SEO content mapping benefits, Using Keyword Groupie for PPC gains makes sense. Adwords improvement and budget protection are at the heart of Groupie’s design.

SpyFu President Mike Roberts explained how Keyword Groupie goes beyond anything else available today.

First, we don’t rely on you to upload a starter list. Solving the pain of creating ad groups was one benefit, but being able to search any domain without restrictions is another.” 

This makes it easier to build ideas for your domain based on the work of another. Just search a domain in the search box, and the paid keywords we show for it are already loaded.

Improve your ad groups

No double-bidding

Keywords appear in one group at a time. This single-group association keeps you from over-spending through duplicates and narrows your focus to the appropriate ad you should return for a keyword.

Take a look.

Using SpyFu keyword tools to avoid duplicate adgroups

Here, I broke the paid keywords for vitaminshoppe.com into smaller groups. The Top 100 list includes “gold standard protein powder” but excludes that exact entry in the separate “gold protein” group.

What Makes it a Top 100 Keyword?

Just like how we rank our Ten Best Keywords for a domain on SpyFu, these lists come broken into Top 100, Top 500 and Top 1000 keywords based on frequency of use, spending investment, and loyalty over time.

We use the activity from your biggest competitors to calculate the “Top” lists appearing in the Keyword Universe. Think of it as SpyFu Kombat gets “groupified.” Your competitors become your advisers as their keyword choices turn into suggestions of what you could add.