How Keyword Groupie ends Google’s total control over bidding and double dipping on an ad.

Someone types a search into Google. Your ad appears, but which match did Google charge you for?  People are digging into their AdWords and finding that it’s not always what they’ve expected.  We wanted a way to keep you in control of that situation.

Keyword Groupie creates a structure so that there is zero overlap between your hundreds or thousands of keywords–regardless of match type.  There’s no way that you could manage it as a human, so double bidding has been rampant.

We just wanted to remove that hurdle, and Keyword Groupie is that solution.




Video Transcript:

Keyword Groupie was built to save you time, money and frustrations, and we do this throughout the existence of your campaign because for PPCs you know that staying constantly vigilant on your campaign is key but also difficult.  Here in SpyFu, Brian runs our AdWords campaign, and he faces the same problems most of you face.


Here is the PPC dilemma, let’s say you are selling cheap airline flights to different places in the US including New York, Las Vegas and Phoenix, and you know good keywords to advertise on are cheap flights, cheap tickets and low fares, so you have your queries matched Las Vegas ad group which sells at let’s say $9 a click and your queries matched Cheap Tickets ad group which sells at $6 a click.  These two keywords are exactly the same, they are just phrase matching in different ad groups and more than likely the one that is going to show is the $9 one, which means that more customers are going to be led to the landing page of that particular keyword, even if it is not your highest converting page, not only that but you are wasting $3 on that one keyword, basically if you are allowing Google to the side, whether you spend a lot or little of your money for the same clicks and they choose those ads based on effective CPM, and if that algorithm chooses your more expensive ad group, then you are spending more per ad every click every time.


You spread this across your entire campaign of 1000 of keywords then you will realize how much money you are wasting due to sloppy grouping, not only on more expensive clicks but also letting Google guide your potential customers to a page with a lower conversion rate.  Brian can tell you, this happens all the time and it sucks, and is mad, but it is avoidable.  You can drill down into each group manually and make sure that there are no duplicates, but this takes forever to do, and adds even more tedium to the project or you can make a giant list of exact match keywords of hoarding the grouping situation altogether.


Since these usually entails having an elaborate list of long tail keywords that have to be searched for exactly, it really limits the amount of people that you reach, this is where Groupie comes in.  Takes out all the duplicates that are natural and phrase match, and gives you a clean list of phrase match and modified broad match keywords, and then everything left over is put into an exact match group, this means that you are no longer bidding against yourself, you are no longer letting Google decide which ads are going to be shown, so people make it to the landing pages that can work best for you and not simply the ones that have a better or effective CPM, your keywords are now completely organized, separated and under your direct control, and the whole list is in a format that AdWords understand, so it’s never been easier to set up an effective set of AdWords groups for a new or an existing campaign or you can do what Brian is doing, and that is deleting our entire AdWords structure and replacing it with Groupie suggestions, making it simple and making him happy.


In short, this both expands your reach and saves you a ton of money, it still includes all of your keywords but reduces the size of the list making it much more manageable, saving you a ton of time immediately and throughout the life of your campaign, saving you time, money and frustrations that’s the power and simplicity that Groupie delivers.