Starting Your Keyword Search in SpyFu

Search our database of keywords for discoveries about what kind of investment and return you can expect:

— Estimated cost per click

— Estimated clicks per day on that keyword

Your keyword search also returns historic data on domains that appeared on these keywords on the Google SERP:

Organic results

— Top 50 sites each month on that keyword

— Includes the order in which they ranked

Paid advertisers

— Ads from the first two pages of Google SERPs, usually about 23 ads

— Ad position for each

— Ad copy from every advertiser who ran that keyword in the past year

We designed SpyFu to help you start searching keywords quickly, as soon as you get to the page. Find the domain and keyword search bar at the top of our page.

SpyFu main search for a domain

Once you click search, the SpyFu Classic results page appears as a launch pad for your deeper research. Or, use any of the feature tabs at the top of the search bar to nail a specific need.