Isolate & Remove Negative Keywords with Kombat

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Get rid of fluff and wasteful keywords.  We’ll show you how these low-converting keywords are easily spotted and yanked from your lineup so you never have to meet again.


This 3rd of 3 videos takes you out of beginner mode, helping you improve campaigns that are already in action.  You can start the series from Video #1 or just flip back to Video #2.

Video Transcript:

In the previous two videos, I showed you how to use SpyFu Kombat to set up a new campaign and then optimize it by finding new keywords that your competitors are competent in.  In this video, I’m going to show you how to use the same techniques to make your campaign airtight by eliminating wasteful spending by adding negative match keywords to your campaign.

So how do we do this in Kombat?  Well let’s start off with the same domains that we’ve been working with AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.  Again we’ll pretend that I am Sprint and then I’m going to click FIGHT.  We see the three circles that represent the keyword volume of each of our domains.  But unlike in the previous scenarios this time we’re not going to focus on the overlaps.  Instead, we’re going to focus on the pure green section or better said the section that only has your company keywords in it.

These are the keywords that only you are buying but these two competitors are not.  If you click in view spreadsheet, you can see that all the bars are the green and add timeline.  No yellow or red, that simply confirms that AT&T and Verizon haven’t touched this keywords in the last year.  In our previous example, we mentioned how you might not want to follow the trends of competitor if they’re the only one who are betting on a set of keywords.  They might be foolishly going against good trends or falling asleep at the wheel or simply wasting money on bad keywords.

In this situation there’s a twist.  It’s now you who might be foolishly betting on expensive ads low converting keywords.  Some of these might be niche keywords or branded keywords, or clever high converting keywords that you thought of all by yourself.  But sometimes there are keywords that you’re unintentionally broad matching on or otherwise wasting your money on.  Let’s take a look.

I’m going to organize it by minimum CPC.  Here’s some examples where you can probably save some coin, family dental plan insurance, cheap health insurance plan, cheap dental coverage.  Using this method you can clean up some of your loose ends and save some money.  This may seem like a small deal at first but after sifting through 13,000-plus keywords those loose ends can add up in a big way.

After you pick out some wasteful keywords that you want to keep bidding on, then go up to the CSV button and click on Export Selected.  Open up your CSV in excel and simply copy column one.  Now go to your adwords account, expand the negative keyword section and hit paste.  Bam, I’m saving up a bunch of money on my campaign starting today.

So there you have it, gaining new keyword inspiration and direction while cleaning out some of your dusty keywords.  Everyone can play around with Kombat, seeing where it can make and save you money in a matter of minutes.  Thanks for watching.