Find Keywords with SpyFu Kombat

SpyFu Kombat may be the easiest, fastest way to single out the top keywords you should have in your campaign.  Just by following these simple tips in SpyFu Kombat, you ensure that your competitors never leave you in the cold.

In Kombat, you enter up to 3 domains to compare their lists of paid or organic keywords.  The results appear as circles in a Venn diagram, representing the size of each domain’s keyword list, and the overlaps show where their keyword choices match those of the competition.

There are two configurations of SpyFu Kombat:

  1. Standard 2-domain match-up
  2. Premium 3-domain match-up exclusive to SpyFu subscribers.

Comparing two domains certainly introduces new keywords to consider for your campaign.  Adding a third domain, however, delivers more meaningful and more focused opportunities.

Why Use Kombat?

The most valuable information you can take from Kombat is hiding in the overlaps.

In this example, if you are Ace Hardware, downloading Home Depot’s keyword list has strong value.  But knowing the keywords that are strong enough for Home Depot and Lowes boosts you into instant payoff territory.

Ad overlay for ads common for a domain

Grow more strategic when you upgrade to three domains

By comparing three domains, you are combining two tactics into one:

  • You capture keywords that perform well for your industry.  Those strong enough for two competitors should produce traffic for you, too.
  • You filter yourself out to avoid researching keywords you’ve already added.


  1. Competitor vs. Competitor vs. Competitor: It is the ultimate way to single out the most trusted keywords that your peers feel the strongest about by clicking on the 3-part overlap.  Each domain is confident that it will payoff for them.
  2. Competitor vs. Competitor vs. You:     Click on your own exclusive list to pinpoint negative keywords.  Excluding common keywords from competitor matches makes it easier to weed out terms that trigger only your ads, even the ones you never intended to run.

So how does SpyFu Kombat help you tighten your budget?

You might already be advertising on terms that are irrelevant to your business. But if Adwords campaigns are made of terms you enter into Adwords yourself, how could that possibly happen?

Finding ads unique to piperlime on SpyFu

Piperlime, a shoe seller, showed up as an ad result for “autodesk 3d studio max,” software usually used in game design. Here’s a stellar example of a negative keyword idea they never would have considered on their own.

Broad match is often the culprit.

How did we find it?  Kombat singles out your own keywords so you can discover negative match ideas in addition to auditing odd triggers.

So instead of scouring through hundreds of keywords that triggered your ad, Kombat narrows it down to the accidental fat most likely to waste your money. The savings pay for the effort.

Fueled by the power of your rivals’ collective intelligence, Spyu Kombat speeds you into action and ensures you never miss out.