Where Do I Start with Keyword SmartSearch?

SpyFu’s keyword generator is rebuilt to be faster with better filtering functionality.  Now, you get impressive control in creating tightly targeted keyword lists.

How to Use Keyword SmartSearch

Start with at least one keyword idea, and Keyword SmartSearch gets to work mining terms that follow your rules.

Just enter keywords into the search bar along with any conditions you might have.  Set the search count, or establish a minimum cost per day.  You can do that through the on-page filters on the left hand side, too.  More on those in just a bit.

When you add more keyword ideas to the search, that gives us a better idea of keywords to reutrn.  Plus, it tells us which ones might be more important.   “Digital camera” on its own will trigger a broad list. Adding “DSLR” to the search lists DSLR-related keywords higher flat higher to the top of our suggestions to you.

Now, narrow down the set by filtering your list.

Filters: Standard and Expert

Once you enter your keyword idea starters, you have built-in filters available on the results page so you can narrow down your results.

While these are the standard filters, don’t mistake them for ordinary.  Keyword SmartSearch filters adapt to your needs so can get more out of your search.

Narrowring results in SpyFu related keywords tool

In the Basic View, we’ve added your “Most Likely” filters just to the left of your keyword results.  (See “Narrow Results” in the image to the right.) Click any filter link to apply it.

But for the flexibility and control over advanced search, try expert filtering.

Using operators and terms similar to what you can do in a Google search (+, -, ~ and ranges) allow you to hone a targeted list crafted carefully so you can build longtail terms on your search volume demands and CPC criteria.

Filter Suggestions

Keyword SmartSearch helps you determine the exact highly-targeted, most budget-conscious, popular keyword groups that fit your campaign needs.  These are the keywords that convert.

Every search can be as complex and specific as you want it to be.

Even further: decide how much customization is best for you:

KSS Chart for keywords

Can anyone try it?

If you’ve never seen Keyword SmartSearch for yourself because you don’t have a subscription, give it a free try right now.  We’ve arranged a hands-on preview for you. 

Just like with SpyFu Kombat, now you can have a small taste of Keyword SmartSearch without a login.  Or you can unlock the complete premium access full results and exporting with a SpyFu paid subscription.

OK, What Else Do I Need to Know?

Since Keyword SmartSearch comes with every SpyFu subscription, you can try out new solutions worry-free for 30 days.

If you need to arrange a subscription first, we can help you with that here.  It’s quick, and you’ll have immediate access to the full range of SpyFu Premium Features.

Choose a Premium SpyFu Plan

Or, return to the Keyword SmartSearch page.


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