Lessons Learned from Product Launches

We’ve done product launches, and we’ve done them poorly.  And just like we urge you to learn from your competitors’ mistakes, we can make an example out of ourselves, too.  So while we’ve flubbed product launches at SpyFu, we also dusted ourselves off and mapped out exactly what we would change.

Mike Roberts stepped on stage revealing what he’s learned about engaging your audience with substance and how you can use this plan to succeed in your next product launch.
Tweets from attendees of this presentation:

  • #smaz …@spyfu preso is by far most entertaining of the day. Thanks for delivering a msg and having fun…(via @musicplayce)
  • OH: ‘Never name your product something that sounds like a venereal disease.’ @spyfu #fail #SMAZ (via @evo_terra)
  • Google product launches are “like a bunny taking a crap.” All of a sudden, their product is there. Metaphor of the day. #SpyFu #SMAZ (via @phanzooo)
  • Thank you Mike Roberts from #SpyFu for comparing #Microsoft product launches to a rabbit taking a dump. #SMAZ (via @stevebitter)
  • Success is a never ending series of failures that you learn from. @spyfu at #smaz FAIL panel (via @jmoriarty)