Let this Project Manager Add Value to Your Work

No one likes the drudgery of building backlinks, but everyone loves the results: When many relevant, valid websites link to yours, search engines tend to rank your site higher. Hunting down and asking for the link, though, is the part that keeps this easier said than done. We knew we could improve on that process.

An intuitive, always-ready project manager — built right into SpyFu —  helps you nail your link building outreach strategy. From backlink discovery to finding the right person to *give* you the link, your workflow is covered, and we fill in the gaps that you had been stuck doing yourself.

Opening the MySpyFu sidebar in SpyFu


That explains the new slider on the side of SpyFu. Now let’s put it to work.


Consider Your Goal

If your ultimate goal is to grow your rankings, then the first step in your project is to find the safest, most effective backlinks to help you do that. We’ve taken that on as our cause, making sure you get the links that are already turning other pages into SERP-ranking sites. We call these pages the “kingmakers,” and connecting with them is the best route to drive your rankings.

Find Valuable, Safe Links

If you haven’t tried finding new backlink ideas through SpyFu, we make it easier than you ever thought possible to get relevant inbound links for your website that you could be missing. Having safe links is crucial to your rankings — no duplicate links or no junk links to punish your site. Since they’re already helping the kingmakers we mentioned earlier, these links could be a major step in boosting your SEO.

How to Use This in Your Work

Once you find the most relevant links from our recommendations, we can help you manage the link building steps without disrupting the way you work.

In short, you are going to fly through these tasks:

  1. Start a project
  2. Add backlinks to that project — we can help you find the best ones
  3. Learn more about the potential links (and their parent websites) that you’re targeting
  4. Get in touch with contacts
  5. Keep tabs on all the details for each of these steps/tasks

We aren’t giving you a new way to work. We are building confidence and safeguards into the outreach work you’re already doing.

Getting started just takes an idea: what do you want to rank for? Think of a targeted keyword and that’s where you begin.

Need detailed instructions? We’ve got a step-by-step walkthough here.

Improvements that Start Now

During your research, you can drop new links into customized projects (and have as many projects as you’d like) The at-a-glance overviews we built into the projects give you a way to stay on top of multiple websites and links — including your status on each one.

Create a Project… Add Sites and Links

I’ve made a new project as an example.

Hypothetical me sells playground equipment to park developers, child care centers, and schools. I’m trying to get my site to rank higher in searches, and outreach to get links is my best route..

All projects on MySpyFu

When you create a new project, the wizard will ask you which domain you’d like to tie to the project. This is a different approach from the “Start with Backlinks” instructions I linked to, but both methods get you there.

For my example, I’m adding a few sites that I found through searching backlinks on SpyFu and finding sites that rank for the keyword “playground equipment.” One of those sites is gametime.com.

The next steps let you load multiple websites at a time — automatically retrieving valuable data for you. I’ll expand on that later, but for now, let’s get back to my playground equipment project with gametime.com loaded in and click to view the website’s overview page.

MySpyFu Website Overview

Automatic Data

The automatic data is where the SpyFu project manager really shines. We provide added details for research and collect contact information you might not have found.

The website (or link’s) stats appear at the top of the page and include the strength of the domain, organic clicks per month, the domain authority, page authority, and unique root domains.  

These are here to help you gauge the strength of that backlink and remind yourself which ones to pursue with a little more fervor. The user-friendly layout is exceptionally easy to navigate.

Alright, now that I’ve come up with some links (or websites) to go after in my link building project for playground equipment, I need to know who to contact so I can get those links.

Better Way to Find Contacts

You know project paralysis: you found some good links but then freeze at the next step wondering how you’re going to land them. SpyFu’s project manager suggests contacts along with ways to reach them. This is the biggie. It cuts out much of the legwork that’s usually clogging your outreach pipeline. Getting your foot in the door through a few different channels increases your chances of reaching them and building a relationship.  

Plus instead of digging through online contact forms making phone calls to webmasters that don’t even really use the phone, you have contact information like social media names and emails pulled into the project management tool for you to approve.

I’m going to browse the contacts that SpyFu found for me that are connected with gametime.com.
It’s a challenge to research and track potential link partners. That’s why we take care of that for you. When you would like more details about the contacts we suggest use the search icon to find more info about that lead. When you’re ready to approve it as a contact, click the green check mark.

Adding contact using MySpyFu

What happens now is that the contact is loaded into your project, and you can keep notes on any communication with them. We’ve got more details and ideas of how that works here.

I’ve added some social media contacts and a few emails. I’m going to reach out to them with some introductions and definitely follow them on Twitter. 

Manage Your Tasks

Keeping track of where you are in the process for each individual backlink and determining what response you got and who needs follow-up can be overwhelming. The SpyFu project manager tool lets you add future tasks and keep tabs on what you’ve discussed or how you’ve reached out. (“Connected on LinkedIn. Emailed about the article she shared.”)

In this section, you can view your task history, add custom notes and to-do items, and refer to your contact history so nothing falls through the cracks. You  can also create status updates, tags, and ratings to personalize your organizational style.

Let’s say that my connection emailed back and suggested that we chat next week. I’m going to make those notes in my tasks. It reminds we about what we’ve discussed and stays (date-stamped) in my history so I never forget.  Once I get the link, I can update that page’s status and keep it (and my contact) in the project manager for future partnerships. 

Now in my hypothetical project, I’m one step closer to getting a link. The process isn’t over, but I know how to manage it.

Import Your Own Backlinks — If You Want To

Not all your backlink leads come from one place. We understand that you’ve got a list of potential links tucked away — some being just basic ideas of sites to reach out to. That works well here. You can upload a list of websites to your SpyFu project manager, and we’ll give them the same added-data treatment as the links you find inside of Spyfu.

Importing backlinks in MySpyFu

You can start with just the domains, but you’re free to add ratings, tags and status updates that apply to all of these. When you import your own backlinks, SpyFu will also pull the contacts for you, so you hit the ground running and turn past ideas into actual people you’re reaching out to.

Let’s Conquer this Agonizing Chore

Not only is the traditional way of drudging up backlinks time consuming, many people aren’t getting ranked as highly as they could be, simply because they don’t have enough time or don’t understand how to effectively manage their backlinks.

With the addition of this tool inside of SpyFu, we aim to keep the chaos in check while you juggle the stages of finding and getting links. We even incorporated data we find for any websites you save in your project, and rating systems so you can prioritize your work.

This manager works alongside you, simplifying a painful process.

Watch for updates in the coming weeks of even more updates of how this will support your overall work flow.