Limited Access — Nacho Analytics

We are currently experiencing limited access — current free trials are being extended

Update: We are rolling out a solution and will be contacting customers with instructions on how to restart.


Some customers are seeing an alert inside their Google Analytics accounts, and it has likely limited your ability to view the analytics that we shared with you.

Due to high demand during our first few days being public, we learned that we have hit the maximum number of views allowed for an account.

We create properties and share them just like how you might share a view with your team. The issue is with how we share this data with so many people, not with the actual data that we are sharing.

This does not affect your own analytics accounts.

limited access Google Analytics

What happens now

  1. Our team is working to get this resolved as soon as we can.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. Our team is looking at a variety of solutions, so an ETA on a fix is not yet known. We do not expect to be back in place before Monday.

Possible Workaround

We’re hearing that some customers are able to see the websites (that they have already added) inside the Google Analytics mobile app. Another has reported that he has had success seeing it through Google Data Studio. Crossing our fingers that this continues.


  1. “Adding websites” will be temporarily paused

For now, we are unable to create any new website views or “filling one of your slots” in your account. 

Your free trial period will be extended to cover any days lost during this temporary freeze. We will also work with customers on any premium websites they have purchased.


  1. No new accounts

We have also paused any new sign ups for accounts in Nacho Analytics. This should help stabilize the demand while we work through this.

Of course that does not affect most of you with accounts already in place. We are taking action to ease any backlog on sites you are trying to see.


Thank you for your patience as we work to get this resolved quickly. We will share updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and of course you will see updates when you log into Nacho Analytics.


Thank you,

The SpyFu and Nacho Analytics Teams