A look back to catch up — what’s new?

It’s ingrained in us to push for constant valuable improvement.

We’re here for your success in 2017, and to get there, we are building on the foundation that existed before and what arrived in 2016. If you missed any news, let me bring you up to speed on some changes and new features that can make your world run more smoothly.


1. Keyword Tracking inside MySpyFu

When you save and organize keywords inside of the MySpyFu project manager, there’s an instant benefit. We’ll find ranking details for you on those keywords every week.

That gives you regular updates on your domain’s ad position and ranking every week from Google and Bing–even on keywords we don’t even have yet in our system. Once you add them, we’ll get to work on finding that data so we can report back to you within a few hours.

Organic Ranking History in SpyFu's MySpyFu


While you’re tracking all of those keywords, it helps to keep them sorted for planning as well as measurement. Which leads us to…

2. Group Performance Roll-up

The organization-hound in me loves the MySpyFu groups for their endless sorting and management power. Now, those same groups get data and performance roll-ups to make progress a lot sweeter. Check out the details in this 2 minute video.

MySpyFu keyword group data

3. Import your Keyword Groups into MySpyFu

As we’ve shown, adding keywords into MySpyFu gives you double value with rank tracking as well as organization. Now you’ve got a simple way to add keywords in groups at a time–as well as individually. If you find them on a domain’s keyword groups page, you can add the entire group right into your project.

Adding keyword groups in SpyFu

Update…now you can get group recommendations automatically from inside your MySpyFu projects. They are ready-made recommendations. You choose to accept them or ignore them.

4. *New Tool* Interactive AdWords Advisor

This new feature has been compared to making a 5 way Kombat matchup. Where Kombat pits you and two competitors against each other to find the keywords you’re missing, the AdWords Advisor pulls 5 domains into play. The larger competitor field delivers more variety in its suggestions, but it also increases the relevance of every recommendation.

SpyFu AdWords Advisor Top Buy Recommendations

Give it a try for new ideas of keywords to bid on that you don’t already buy.

5. Dropping Credit Usage in Recon Reports

Based on the feedback we got, you loved this update Woohoo!

Quick summary: we got rid of a confusing method for running special domain reports and replaced it with something far more user friendly.

You don’t have to do anything new. You can keep running the same reports that you had been running each month without any hiccups. And if you do have hiccups, let us know so we can find a solution for you.

Credits are gone. Report count is in.

Our Basic plans start with 10 small domain reports per month. Our upgraded plans offer more reports and cover larger domain sizes. We also added the domain’s size to our overview pages to clear up questions before you start.

How to find a domains size in SpyFu


You can find more details about how report sizes work here.

No matter which membership plan you have, you can still get unlimited results and exports on any size domain for the keywords it ranks for, its competitors, its best ads, AdWords, and every piece of information you’ve always seen when you type a domain or a competitor into the search bar.

Recon Files monthly reports offer deeper analysis of a domain in a whitelabel-ready report.

6. Improved API

This past year we beefed up our API and rolled out some improvements to make it more accessible to more people. The SpyFu API set lets you create new findings from the same data you get from our site, but in bulk. When you’re ready to dive deep into your research, you don’t have to do it one click at a time.

API access helps those who want to build SpyFu data into their own tools or existing structure.

If you have the “Professional” Plan or higher, the API is included in your membership.


We’re on a roll. Here’s to more improvements in 2017 that are there to serve you. There is even an account-level update in the works that takes the headaches out of monthly expense reports. As always, we’ll keep you posted.