Making Money the New-Fashioned Way (with the SpyFu SEO Keyword Ranking Report)

Over the last few weeks, we’ve gone over the benefits that segmented keyword analysis offers your clients’ SEO campaigns.  However, the real question is how do you best use SpyFu’s Keyword Tracking Report in order to make greater sales?

This article will detail strategies on the following effective sales tactics:

  1. Using monthly reporting as recurring marketing for your services
  2. Narrowing focus on specific keyword groups to match a client’s natural interests
  3. Differentiating your services by mirroring the business structure of your client
  4. Attacking competitors with SEO (and defending your client’s PPC efforts)
  5. Measuring comparative returns on potential SEO campaigns


For Your Existing Clients:

Man pointing at the x on a treasure mapOne of the most under-utilized aspects of a recurring monthly report is that it is also a secret opportunity for you to further market your services to someone with whom you’ve already established a business relationship.  Each time you hand over a document, you have the ability to say to the client “this is where we should be going next”, not just “this is where we are”.  Targeted keyword groupings allow you to show specific areas of organic opportunity to your clients, keeping the conversation going, and your relationship growing.

Targeted keyword reporting also means that you are providing meaningful data to your client in the way that interests them.  We have all dealt with clients who will tear through pages of reporting, ignoring valuable insights, all because they are locked-on to finding how their personal favorite variants of the keyword “smurf nipples” is doing this month.  The Recon Keyword Ranking Report lets you provide a tailored report that gives those clients exactly what they want to see – while you maintain control of the overall conversation.

In a more corporate sense, this report also gives you the ability to segment your analysis in a way that matches the structure of the business you are working with.  Imagine being able to provide a detailed report to your client – showing them specifically the performance of keywords relevant to their new multi-million dollar product expansion into LED lightbulbs.

Two men talking to each other in a space shipAnother example is the ability to quickly report a competitor’s organic movement on you client’s critical PPC ad groups.  By creating a keyword report that matches your client’s most successful ad group keywords, you’ll get data on any attempts by competitors to eat into those keywords through a targeted SEO campaign.  And, in turn, you can do the exact opposite to your client’s competitors – monitoring what strides you are making organically to erode the effectiveness of even your largest competitors’ most successful PPC keyword groups (as discovered through Spyfu Recon Dashboard Reports, SpyFu Classic, or Keyword Groupie).

Meaningful monthly reporting, resulting in meaningful action, and more business for you!


“We’ve analyzed their attack, sir, and there is a danger. Should I have your ship standing by?”


For Potential Clients and Pre-Sales:

You’ve scouted them out.  You’ve identified their historical trends using the SEO Dashboard in Recon.  They are nibbling at your services, but how do you reel them in?

Picture of magnifying glass over the word nicheBy segmenting your keywords into specific, trackable groups (and starting with the rich back-history that Recon provides), you eliminate the wait for a baseline, and you narrow the scale of the task you are trying to achieve.  These two factors let you focus on a niche, and demonstrate immediate impact to a new client – showing them the ROI on your services months faster than the typical SEO agent.  It is also a wonderful way to get your foot in the door by demonstrating to a client your quick success with a segment of their business before asking to be handed “the keys to the kingdom”.

And most importantly, even a small project opens the door to a recurring monthly conversation; where you get the chance to bring data to market additional SEO opportunities every time!

The Keyword Tracking report also allows you to introduce your potential client to new creative SEO campaigns.  It allows you to show them the comparative impact on organic results that several new campaigns would have, rather than just one.  Use Keyword Groupie to gather up strong pools of competitors’ keywords, then create a Recon Keyword Tracking Report for each group.  By doing this, you can now say with confidence where the greatest impact in organic traffic can be made first, making the decision to buy-in that much easier for your client.


In Summation:

The Recon tools are designed to be reports that do the selling for you, changing each and every “plain ‘ol ordinary report” (POOR), into a rich marketing opportunity that grows your business.

The Keyword Tracking Report is a strong weapon in your hands.  It is an opportunity for you to easily create recurring, informative reports customized to your client’s personal interests and unique business layout.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABy reducing the scope of the reporting, you are able to focus intently on a smaller selection of words exactly where your client cares about them, and quickly show the great results you are achieving.  This makes it simple to break down complex SEO campaigns into segmented reporting that clients find compelling and easy to understand.

The Keyword Tracking Report does the selling for you.  Because, let’s face it, nothing gets a client to make a greater investment in SEO consulting than seeing clear, understandable results, month after month.


Which report do you think will communicate your results to a client more effectively?