Use SpyFu to its full power: Mike Roberts on SEJ’s Marketing Nerds Podcast

Search Engine Journal and SpyFu image

Thanks to Search Engine Journal for welcoming SpyFu’s Mike Roberts to the podcast. He and host Brent Csutoras discuss a few ways people are using SpyFu to make their entire campaigns more effective.

Listen to Mike and Brent on the Marketing Nerds podcast here.

A note from SpyFu:
There’s an edit around 17:29 that makes for a strange combination of PPC advice and getting backlinks (an SEO technique).
Mike’s explanation of the AdWords Advisor in the podcast ends right after he says that it “takes you almost no time.” Here’s the rest. You type in the domain name, and we’ll take it from there. The report comes back with buy recommendations and suggestions of keywords you might want to drop from (or negative match to) your campaign. It’s campaign-specific advice built on the buying habits of your competitors. This would normally take an expert hours to put together; we usually have it back to you in less than an hour.
The second part that ends “in fact you could do something today that damages you down the road if you’re too aggressive” ties into some backlink practices. Going after the easier wins like review sites or forum links *could* attach your site to pages that Google ultimately penalizes. Backlinks are still an important part of SEO, but not all links are created equal. Where it would take you extensive time to research each potential link, Mike offers a way to get links that are already indexed by Google and that carry some SEO authority.