Nacho Analytics Onboarding — Q&A

Answers to your questions about adding your first website

We include many tips here to help you see our data inside your own analytics account. However our site is not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by, Google.


Do I have to use a new Gmail address? Can’t I use the one that I had?

For now, most people can view our data inside their own Google Analytics account. To do that,  we strongly suggest that you start with a dedicated Gmail address to access these sites if you are using Google Analytics. Once you make one for Nacho Analytics access, you can use that same one again to see other Nacho Analytics sites that you create.

Do I still use Nacho Analytics to add a website?

Yes, you will use the “add a new website” button from your dashboard — just like before. However one of the steps relies on you going into Google Analytics to create an retrieve a property ID for the website that you want to see. You’ll come back to Nacho Analytics when you have that code.

Do I need a new UA code/property ID for every site? I have multiple slots.

Yes, the property ID is assigned to one domain. If you want to see 3 domains, you will go through the process 3 times to get a unique ID for each one.

Which URL do I add when I’m setting up Google Analytics?

You will add the same website that you’re trying to see through Nacho Analytics. If you want to research Staples, you’d enter

How is the website name different than the account name when I’m setting up Google Analytics?

The account name is like a folder to organize your different website views inside your own Google Analytics view. What you call it is up to you. You can add multiple websites under the same account.

The website name is how you’d like to read the website name when you look at the list of options in your GA.



Around step 2 of that wizard, you’ll paste in the property ID.

I have the new tracking ID, should I then log out of my secondary GA, and then log back into to my own GA?

Yes! Create the property ID with a dedicated gmail. You can share it with your main email, or you can just toggle between the two. You will only see the data when you are logged in with the Gmail that you used to create the property ID (unless you share it with your main account).

After I add a website, can I delete it? Can I replace it with something else?

Yes, you would delete it from your Nacho Analytics dashboard using the “settings” button. Choose “delete” and we’ll stop sending data to your Google Analytics. That frees up a website slot, and you can replace it with another site.

Tip from a customer about potentially low-traffic/”small” sites:

Enter the website you want to track in Nacho FIRST before you create an ID —  in case there’s not enough traffic. It saves you from creating a property ID that you might not use.

Will data start streaming about an hour after registering the domain in Nacho?

Nacho Analytics starts sending real-time data right away. Within minutes of completing the “add website” wizard you should see data start to trickle in, especially for larger sites that get more traffic. It takes a little longer to start populating reports. (You will see that in about an hour or so).

If I share a site’s analytics with another team member, will they be able to see the data that came in before I had shared it with them?

Yes, since you started “aging” the data, they can see the history that you accumulated up to that point.

How do I set up the goals?

The people at Mindtap Marketing were kind enough to send a video demo, showing you how to do that. You can watch it here.

Can I take any steps to keep my site from being visible to my competitors?

No, there is not a step to do this. Others have asked us if they could pay a fee to remove their site. We don’t want to get into the sticky job of holding your site for a cost. Every site is fair game — even if it does not have Google Analytics running on it. (We aren’t actually hacking into any GA accounts.)


The following questions might apply only to customers who signed up before August 24.

Where did all of my sites go that I loaded? My dashboard is blank.

We cleared the slate this morning so you could fill your website slots.

Do I have to load the same sites that I had before?

No. What you load in us up to you. You aren’t tied to any websites that you previously created. If you had 5 website slots before, you will have 5 again to fill with the sites that you’d like.

Will I use my new Gmail to log in to Nacho Analytics? Does my account just transfer over?

No, you will still log in the same way. Whatever you used to make a account will be the same. The dedicated Gmail address that we suggested is specifically for creating a property ID so that you can see data for a website. You will also use that to sign into Google Analytics once your data has started loading.

When you are on the Nacho Analytics dashboard, you can add a new website through the button at the top or the “choose another website” placeholders in your dashboard. That opens a wizard with multiple steps.

Can I add more sites than what I had?

Not just yet. We want to stabilize the heavy load before adding new sites. You are the first ones to be able to load sites this way. We’re taking care of you before selling any more slots.

How do I delete the old properties from inside my Google Analytics?

We are trying to take care of that for you — removing the old sites. That should be done soon.

Will our free trial be extended?

Yes, it has been extended through Wednesday September 5. After that date, free trials will be discontinued.

If I shared a site’s analytics with another team member before, will they be able to see that data?

No, you will have to create a new website and share that view with them. Consider the old ones to be dead views.


  • AardvarkCompare

    ‘Continue’ button on add-website page of Nacho is not functioning, despite loading the new tracking ID.
    As in, we cannot process the load.

    • Sidra Condron

      Double check the tracking ID that you entered — including any spaces before or after the code.

    • AgentSidra

      Please double check the ID, making sure that there are no spaces at the front or at the end from when you copied it.

    • AgentSidra

      One person shared that they ran into that issue while on Chrome. They tried again on Firefox and were successful.