NEW Keyword Groupie on the way — Major Updates Coming

Saying that we improved Keyword Groupie doesn’t do it justice.  We’re completely overhauling Keyword Groupie to match the way you update your Adwords:  Keyword Groupie 2 is arriving later this month.

We promise real-world functionality that no other service offers anywhere. Here’s a hint: it involves adding data to keywords you found elsewhere. Plus, we’re taking a new approach to grouping keywords. One that keeps you a step ahead of Google’s match quirks.
Watch for a video preview this week of the super-charged Keyword Groupie. Rest assured, we’re not losing any of what made the Labs version of Keyword Groupie so helpful:
  • Grouping keywords by words
  • Suggesting keywords (and groups) to add
People turned to the original Keyword Groupie to tackle those necessary evils of campaign management—setting up ad groups. We found a way to turn that time-draining chore into an easy process. Even better, these tighter ad groups led to a better quality score and more conversions.
Grouped keywords –> targeted ad groups –> relevant ads –> better quality score and more conversions.
That still holds, but the newly revamped Keyword Groupie 2 is bringing even more functionality that proves helpful in managing your campaign. Every update we make to any feature on SpyFu is created to improve the way you work. Stop adapting to the tools you have available. We are making SpyFu about you and your campaign needs.
Though we are beefing up on the PPC benefits, Keyword Groupie 2 continues to serve SEO, too. We are as focused as ever on helping you plan content, and we’re loading new features that shave off research time for SEO pros.

Live Demonstration

Visit us at PubCon next week for a live one-on-one demonstration of using Keyword Groupie for your domain. Bring your keywords, you starter ideas, or just your domain name, and we’ll show you how to grow more effective in your Adwords campaign.
Expo Hall | October 17 & 18
(Catch us on Live Chat or Twitter– @SpyFu– and we’ll share a 10% PubCon  registration discount code good through 10/15)