New SpyFu: SEO & PPC Tracks — PPC Overview

Having separate SEO and PPC tracks inside of SpyFu lets you stay focused on just the tools you need. You can find the SEO Overview page in a separate tour, and below, I’ll show you what you will find when you choose the PPC Domain Research section in SpyFu.

PPC Overview

Monthly PPC overview in SpyFu

The PPC Overview lets you quickly gauge the overall Google AdWords activity and health of any competitor. Here, you’ll find summaries as well as links to in-depth data described below.

Key Metrics for a Domain

Paid Keywords: This chart helps you track the size of the domain’s paid keywords over time. You can see instantly if they are growing their PPC efforts or shrinking their reach.

Estimated Monthly PPC Clicks: You can get a sense of how much traffic the site gets from its paid AdWords ads alone. Compare it to the number of keywords it buys (above). If there’s a sharp difference at some point, consider whether they’ve adopted a new bidding strategy.

That takes us to:

Estimated Monthly PPC Budget:   Your competitor’s spending history (that you see in the chart ) shows you where they ramped up their budgets to try to push a new product or edge out a competitor. Estimating their budget helps you stay on top of changes in their strategy and give you a sense of how much you would need to spend to keep up.

Also, with this new site update, we’re improving the way we calculate budgets. It’s the closest you can get to learning what your competitors spend without swiping their AdWords login.

Shared Keywords (Kombat)

SpyFu Kombat for paid keywords

While its title explains that these are the keywords shared with the domain’s top competitors, this gives you a look at the right keywords to build your strategy through a new, enhanced SpyFu Kombat. Kombat shows instant suggestions for keywords to add or drop (or set to negative match) and must-have keywords for those who plan to compete in this niche.

Ad History quick link

PPC History of ads that SpyFu collected

Since we’ve been collecting SERP ads (and organic results) for more than 8 years, you can often find a domain’s very first Google ad when you search their ad history in SpyFu. In this widget, you can see how many years of ads we’ve collected for the domain you searched. Click through to open the tab for interactive ad history where you can learn from their ad copy tests over time.

Ad Recommendations / Worst Keywords

Icons for top 50 adwords buy recommendations and worst performing keywords

You can get a lot of quick, valuable answers about a domain and its competitors here in the overview. If you’re willing to wait just a bit, though, we can deliver powerful insights on how to improve the campaign.

You just have to give us the go-ahead:

Ask us to dive deep on a site and its competitors, and we will study all of their keywords, their ads, and their historical bidding to figure out which keywords that you’re missing would be the best additions to your campaign.

It’s the good and the bad, but knowing the bad is…good.

We also find keywords that you might be draining your ad budget with little return at best. An entire “negative match” keyword section tells you the worst keywords in your lineup when compared to your competitors.

You can find even more answers like these when you click those links to start an AdWords Advisor report. This gives you our best advice for your PPC campaign.

Incredibly Helpful Shortcuts

Just like with the SEO overview page, this PPC overview guides your research through the tools at your command. You can glance over the page to measure the domain’s PPC performance, or you can drill into any of these charts/sections for advanced research.

Click through to “view more,” and we’ll connect you with expanded data, more details and stats, or links to specialty reports that carefully analyze a domain compared to its competitors.

PPC Tabs in the new SpyFu

There’s more to see:

When you scroll down you’ll find more ways to learn about the site’s overall SEO health and direction.

Find its (paid) competitors and how they compared over time

Showing domain ranking history in the SpyFu ranking history tool

Don’t just stop at knowing who your competitors are. Find out which ones are the bigger threat. Compare their paid keyword count over time and choose the trendline setting to help you find movement in the industry overall.

The chart gives you new options:

Changing from keyword count over time to “monthly paid clicks” and “ad budget” makes the chart a good indicator of who is getting good return on effective keywords.

Most Profitable Paid Keywords

Most profitbale keywords with expanded data shown in SpyFu

Learn which of your competitor’s keywords would be a better boost to your campaign. While testing is always a must, you get a head start with the paid keywords that your competitors rely on more than any others. We make their most profitable keywords easy to find.

This section has a few helpful links built into it, too:

The ad timeline acts as an instant display of how long (and how recently) their ad has been appearing on these terms. You can use the SERP tracker link to follow any site’s weekly ad positions on these terms as well as how often Google and Bing each serve up the ad. Ad History opens the domain’s full ad history for this keyword (and phrase matched terms).

Or, you can scroll down for a stream-lined look at their ad copy evolution in this next section…

Ad History

PPC Ad History in SpyFu

Competitors might run many ads that don’t overlap what you’re selling or offering, but using filters inside of the ad history feature helps you drill into the best performing ad copy for the keywords that you’re buying too. Click through to get the full tool where you can see a site’s dominant message emerge. Then, find their best performing ad copy for any group of keywords.

Research both PPC and SEO

Over the years, one of the biggest lessons we’ve learned about SpyFu users is that even when they have both SEO and PPC skills, they prefer the chance to focus on one avenue at a time.

Our full set of tools inside of SpyFu support both PPC and SEO, but we saw the value in offering different tracks.

The new SpyFu — launching this month — is designed to support your workflow with smarter suggestions about tools that can help. Secure your spot for early access to the new functionality and look.