How will Google’s changes affect SpyFu? Not what you’d think

Among the reactions to this week’s news that Google was cutting keyword data was the question of how this affects SpyFu data.

“How does this affect the SEO and PPC data I get from SpyFu?”

It doesn’t affect us at all — you’ll get everything you’ve always gotten from us.

That short answer is good news. SpyFu will continue to deliver the same PPC and SEO insights we always have.

If anything, it could make our data a more important point of triangulation. Webmaster Tools is kind of the only “source” now, and like all of Google’s data tools, there’s no audit and the data is often  flawed. That means that we can turn to SpyFu data as a check. It helps keep your research from being skewed.

More good news is that we recently added an API. You can search by URL+keyword, so when you’re getting inbound traffic from Google on a specific URL, you can get a pretty solid statistically weighted guess what the keyword was.

We’ll keep listening for updates. If you have any thoughts about these changes, drop us a note in the comments or check in with us on Twitter (@SpyFu).