Looking for ways prove SEO value beyond ROI? These 5 articles show you how.

Proving the value of Search Engine Optimization at all stages of the sales process – from the sales presentation to monthly client reporting – is essential to land and retain clients. Recon files reports for SEO’s focus on proving the Return-On-Investment (ROI) of SEO, and many of the articles we found similarly focus on measuring and reporting this important metric. Brian, in a related post, created a list of the top articles that address the financial aspects of SEO value. While financial measurements of value are the bread-and-butter of SEO’s when reporting to their clients, there are conceptual value propositions to communicate as well which are no less important though not as strictly measurable.

Here’s a list of the top five articles we found that identifies different types of conceptual value to SEO and how to communicate these values to your client. In the comments section, let us know different conceptual values you impress upon your clients and what points you found interesting in the articles.

1. Assessing the Value of SEOSteve Wade of theinfiniteagency.com

Although positive brand sentiment is part of the value of successful SEO, it is difficult to measure. He proposes the quantifiable value of SEO can be broken out into four web-related metrics and four financial metrics.

2. SEO Value for Businesses and Clients, Arthur Cooper of optimum7.com

Comprehensive article about understanding that the value of SEO might not be completely apparent to your client and how to communicate and measure that value.

3. 5 Reasons to Use SEO, Chad Pollitt of business2community.com

Lists five of the most attractive features of SEO and goes into a little detail about each. The reasons are: high ROI, minimal risk, brand awareness, targeted traffic, and affordability.

4. Justifying the Value of SEO, Mark Jackson of searchenginewatch.com

Clearly explains the importance of communicating with your client what is reasonable to expect from SEO, and that rankings alone aren’t the whole picture. This is a great article for anyone new or considering Recon to understand how it helps SEO’s assert their value from another perspective.

5. Proving the Value of SEO, Claye Stokes of seo.com

This is an excellent slideshow from seo.com about proving the value of SEO. It focuses on ROI not only as a measurement, but also setting up goals not directly-related to ROI including phone calls and micro-conversions. The content isn’t as useful without the accompanying sound, but the article still has some great points.