On the horizon: what’s coming in our site update

Last week, we shared a quick glimpse at the changes we’re making to our domain results page. Now, we’re giving you an idea of the first set of site updates you’ll find:

Domain Overview

The inspiration behind SpyFu’s site update is to create a smarter work flow from the moment you search a competitor.

Think of it like a curated collection of every tool we’ve ever built. Instead of having to learn every tool and remember what each one does for you, use the shortcuts throughout the overview to get answers you need right now.

Shortcuts for other tools in SpyFu located on the domain page


After you search a domain, the default results page gives you a solid overview of that domain’s search marketing history and current secret formula.

You’ll find the familiar data we’ve been sharing with you, and we’re adding new metrics to help you quickly gauge that site’s search marketing efforts and payoffs.

  • Inbound clicks — compare how much traffic they get from SEO vs PPC.
  • SEO Recent Moves — Not its name at all, but what matters is that it shows action among a site’s organic keywords. It shows a count of how many keywords just made it to the first page and how many just fell off.
  • Shared keyword count — how competitive is their SEO or PPC activity?
  • Rankings by page — Find out how many of the site’s rankings land on the front page. Which ones should they be working on to get them there?

Better Navigation

A better work flow happens with stronger navigation. You’ll be able to jump from domains to keywords more easily, and a stable navigation menu helps you return to any topic no matter where you’ve moved on.

Keyword research tab in SpyFu

It’s an easy way to jump right in to your research or let it guide you along. Maybe you prefer to focus just on SEO. Speaking of…

SEO and PPC Split

During the nearly 8 years that SpyFu customers have been using the site, many have told us that they tend to focus on just SEO or PPC at one time, even if they cover both specialties . We listened and decided to organize SpyFu the same way.


Searching a domain using PPC research



Don’t worry about having to choose. Both disciplines are side by side on the overview, and you can move from SEO to PPC and back very easily.

Read the details of what you will find when you follow the SEO domain research track or if you choose the PPC domain research track.

 More intuitive Kombat

It’s a longtime favorite, and not only is Kombat getting a bit more interactive, it’s going to be far easier to use.

We’ve always said that the different overlaps serve a purpose. The new SpyFu includes titles for each segment so you know that when you compare competitors’ shared keywords, you’re getting the most knowledge from the match-up. You can take ideas like keywords to set to negative match and keywords that help you quickly get started in an AdWords campaign.


Coming Soon

These updates are part of the first set of improvements coming to the new SpyFu. Watch for these to hit www.spyfu.com next month!