Expand Your SEO Budget – SEO Dashboard Tour, Part 5

Keyword Overlap in your SEO and PPC campaigns

What do you see here?

These are keywords that you rank on organically and buy in your Adwords campaigns.

If you don’t have any overlaps, you’ll get this message. This section, of course, can be hidden when you access the report manager on your login. (Edit PDF.)

SpyFu keyword overlap data message

How do you present this?

SpyFu SEO dashboard for Lego.comLego.com has tremendous opportunity to improve its rankings on keywords it deems strong enough to buy. Considering the strategy of the domain, the opportunity lies somewhere within this range: Lego Star Wars
  • Rank high enough organically in order to save the PPC cost, OR
  • Improve enough from a low organic rank to gain more clicks on important terms.

Lego already enjoys a high organic rank on Duplo, and with so many clicks per month, this is a potential money-saver for them where they already have a strong presence.

The top-listed “Star Wars” has the most room for savings, but the key here might be in a balance of increased organic clicks that deliver value through the qualified traffic they deliver. The chart tells us Lego.com just increased its “Star Wars” investment on the PPC side, so this emphasizes its importance as a keyword.

Your best action:

Justify a budget switch from PPC to SEO. Aim for it this way: as long as you can maintain or increase the number of clicks, there is no ground to lose in PPC. It’s a safe experiment, and a potentially worthy one in the end.

The “View More” link offers an expanded number of keyword entries.

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