Opportunity for New SEO Business – SEO Dashboard Tour, Part 5

A Word About Opportunity: Using RECON Files to Gain New Business

A productive SEO client presentation incorporates a balance of value and opportunitySuper Hero flexing

These next sections of the RECON Files SEO Dashboard map out your opportunity play. They are teeing up for you to score big.  Opportunity explains the pain that your clients face, what they are missing, and exactly how you are going to be the superhero who makes them look fantastic.

Every part of this report, when you position it right, supports your drive for more business.

Where the value section applauds well-executed SEO, this Opportunity section helps navigate future successes.

Onto the Tour!  Choose Your Video or Written Adventure

Watch the video edition or follow the written tour for the Opportunity Perspective of the RECON Files SEO Dashboard Report:

Biggest Opportunities

What do you see here?

Chiseled down to basics, this section works off of keywords you already rank on, calling out those where you have the most room for impactful improvement. If hookahtown.com can move to position #1 from all of theseexisting rankings, they can expect to capture 63,000 more clicks each month.

SpyFu biggest keyword opporunities dataWe rank these by the amount of opportunity available. The more value you can get from a particular keyword, the higher we list it in this section. Look at the top results. “hookah hose” has more searches per month than “hookah hoses” does, but the plural delivers a more than double the value with each click. It gets the top priority spot. Plus, hookahtown.com is moving in the right direction. It’s encouraging for them to see big opportunity on a keyword where they’ve jumped 4 spots in rank.

A quick note: this measures where you already rank. If you’re looking for new ranking ideas built on a clean slate of untapped keywords, the next section has got you covered.

If this seems like a familiar concept, you might remember the chart from the first page. Here, we have flagged the keywords most likely to help you pull from the blue field into the red.

How do you present this?

Illustrate the potential opportunity that’s available as a spectrum, and focus your plan for the next month (and months). The top spot is an aggressive goal, but it is still useful. Just select where on that opportunity spectrum you’ll aim to hit. Maybe top 5 is a strong and attainable objective.

Your best action:

Use this section to prioritize and justify your next round of SEO service. Set realistic expectations with your client while making a strong case for what kind of results you can deliver with your SEO work.

We talked about limiting your efforts to PPC, but I am confident that we can deliver about 1,200 new clicks without spending those ad dollars if we focus on building content for this keyword. The value it delivers in just one month should pay for the investment.

The “View More” link offers more details:

  • Expanded number of keyword entries from the original page
  • Chart showing ranking over the past 6 months
  • Discover where to make up lost ground
  • Shows helpful momentum in some cases
  • Similar keywords for relevant content creation ideas
Biggest opportunities seo dashboard