Organize keywords to create a content strategy

Start with keyword groups: it automatically sorts a domain’s full keyword list into groups that map a plan to organized content ideas.

Step 1: Get keyword groups

 Enter your domain (or a domain you hope to emulate) into the search bar on  Once you get a results page, choose the “Keyword Groups” option from either the SEO Research (or even the PPC Research) tab on the menu.
Choose SEO keyword groups
We’ll get to work finding all of the domain’s organic keywords and then sorting them into groups.

Step 2: Browse the results

Browse the results. They are made up on the domain’s keywords as well as of similar/related keywords. That makes the list helpful for building new content because it includes expanded keyword ideas that you can target.
Top keyword groups

Step 3: Review the details

3.   Click on any of the keyword groups or topics you’d like to expand upon. That group opens on the right so you can find important details like daily search volume and click data.
Selecting keywords in the keyword group
You can even filter the keywords within the group to get even more specific.

4. Use the ready-made groups as content ideas

These small groups help you by combining specific ideas under one topic. In the example, I have charity donations and non-profit donations. Those are closely related but can get different pieces of content to help you rank for each one.

5. Export your selected keywords.

Choose individual keywords, groups at a time, or all of them. This lets you refer to the list as you use the groups to inspire new content ideas.

Keyword exporting options for keyword groups on SpyFu