PPC Experts are Tackling Today’s Keyword Challenges (Live Discussion)

Your PPC keyword strategy is as important as ever. Sometime this month, Google is making changes that affect exactly which audiences you reach (whether you meant to pay for that much reach or not). And as always, your own tweaks can cause ripples across your costs and conversions. It’s crucial that you update your keyword strategy for today’s new challenges.

We talked with our friends at WordStream about what a strong keyword strategy looks like and how you would develop your own. We agreed to bring together a group of invested PPC specialists, giving our audiences a well-rounded approach to keyword choice, match types, tools, workarounds, and strong practices.

We’re ready to bring this roundtable discussion to you.

Keyword Strategies for Everyone

Tuesday, September 9 – 1PM ET (check your own time zone)

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We will span everything from keyword basics to advanced tactics and revolutionary hacks.

The need for those hacks comes on the heels of a topic we mentioned earlier — Google’s change to exact match and phrase match. The “Death of Exact Match” is a big deal, but studying the data closely told us that losing phrase match hurts your bottom line even more.

In fact, when we dove into the data, much of what we uncovered was inspired by the gold mine of original campaign-level data that Brad Geddes had published. He saw early on that close variant matching could harm your bottom line, so we are excited to hear his outlook as part of the round table group.

Speaking of the panelists, they bring diverse perspectives. You’ll get 3 unique approaches to keyword strategy — honed over decades of collective search marketing experience — from a renowned Google AdWords specialist, an experienced PPC Account Manager, and a Competitive Intelligence trailblazer.

Our panel includes Brad Geddes, Jaclyn Jordan of WordStream, and SpyFu’s Founder and CEO Mike Roberts.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • Hacks to work around the recent death of exact and phrase match
  • A simplified approach to PPC keyword strategy
  • How to prioritize keywords with WordStream’s secret formula
  • Unorthodox uses of Google’s keyword planner in conjunction with SpyFu

We hope to have you join us next week. Here’s more detail on the webinar.