The PPC RECON Report Takes a Different Path from its SEO Brother.

PPC Recon Files reports are almost here. As you can imagine with PPC as the original backbone of SpyFu, these aren’t just direct copies of SEO Recon Files dashboards.

When we introduced the SEO Recon Files reports, SEOs could finally translate their results into stories that clients understood. Recon Files would recap the value you delivered, and your results took center stage. That still serves a tremendous purpose for SEOs.

Where SEO reports focus on showcasing what you just accomplished, now PPC Recon emphasizes looking forward. You still look like a million bucks, but “a brilliant sage worth your weight in gold” is a more likely comparison.

PPC Recon Files reports swerve from a client-based focus to an internal improvement plan.

The upcoming PPC Recon Files reports swerve from a client-based focus to an internal improvement plan. You still get reporting on monthly results and successes, but expect better strategies built from extensive competitive intelligence.

Why It’s Different

Even with just a bit of exposure to search marketing, most clients find PPC’s straightforward process easy to grasp and simple to measure. That’s one obstacle out of the way. That means you can leapfrog the value-selling aspect and dig right into critical opportunities (and sometimes bold self-scrutiny).

…built-in motivation to take PPC action now.

We can show bad news without risk of scaring off a client’s commitment to PPC. In fact, seeing where competitors are succeeding at your expense stops being a deflating piece of news. Combined with strategic intelligence that you won’t find anywhere else, it becomes built-in motivation to take action. Now.

What To Expect

The PPC Recon Files report starts as a watchtower. It captures every detail of your performance in your market and keeps up with your competitors’ tactics. Discover insights far more in-depth than what traditional SpyFu searches can deliver. Our competitive intelligence expertise helps you see market changes as signals that can direct your decisions and build urgency.

These reports still celebrate your PPC successes. White label them for continued client reporting, and let your work shine. Then, plan your next triumph. The core of this report lies in building on the biggest opportunities before your competitors edge you out. That leads to selling even more services to your convinced-and-eager clients.

In the coming weeks, we will release sneak previews to sections of the PPC Recon Files report and scoop on what these can do for your business.

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