Reviews and Chatter: Why People Love SpyFu

David Wogan:
I’m a huge fan of your tool!


Paul Carl Gallipeau

Oh. My. God. (I just finally) signed up for your paid version and I am in love. I can’t believe I stuck w/ the free version for YEARS

I was using it to expose some shady PPC companies …and I wanted to see all of their ads so that I could see if they copy/paste AdWords builds (they do). …..and basically after that I fell in love with all of the other features. Can’t wait to put my clients that much further ahead. 🙂



Ann Smarty

SpyFu is a must use!

Nathan Rossow

One of my favorite SEO tools!

Dean Dawkins

Killer data…


Frank Schwarz

If you PPC, Market or need a massive history of keywords your competitor have been using, go over to and signup. It’s the best thing next to cheating in Scrabble.

It is worth every penny.


The Backlink Builder

Freakishly amazing…

“Their new back link tool is freakishly amazing. In seconds, you discover what links you more-than-likely need to achieve top listings in the search engines. In minutes, you map out a link building strategy complete with contact information at those authority sites that saves a ton of time.


My only question is this:  What are SEO experts going to do with an extra 30 hours a week?  A good problem to have. Thanks Team SpyFu.”

–Byron White,


A new way of looking at and building backlinks…

[This is] “not just another database but a new way of looking at and building backlinks. The seven years of keyword ranking data make this the most powerful tool I know [for] pin-pointing relevant sites and then you get to compare that data with which of those sites link to your competition.

There is no tool I know of (and I’ve looked) that can provide such an in-depth view of a site’s organic and paid presence and as Sun Tzu said, “Know your enemy.” And then they took it one step further.

–Dave Davies, Beanstalk SEO


It lessens this drudgery and simplifies the process…

[SpyFu] “aims to help lessen this drudgery and simplify the process down to the keyword [you want to rank on]…The Backlink Builder is a tool that focuses on providing quality and relevant links to the user through keyword search, a feature that isn’t available with their competitors.”




Spyfu helped transform our initial conversation with potential clients from “what we do” to “why you need us.”
–Jonathan Keller

This is one of the most amazing tools we have seen yet.
–Jeff Harper

On SpyFu’s Convertasaurus: “A couple weeks ago I talked about how I got beta access SpyFu’s tool and it showed me that the word “demo” beat out “free demo” and “contact us” on our PAR Program website. So after split testing it… it was indeed right on the money with 30% more clicks.
–Jeremy “Shoemoney”

“SpyFu just really cranks up your search marketing power.  I had no idea I could find out some of this information.”
–Dan Allerton

“SpyFu makes its way into my toolbox on just about every project.”
–Eric Covino,

“SpyFu has helped us gauge our client’s competitive landscape and has become one of those must-have tools to run our business effectively”
–Matt LeVeque
VP Operations
AfterClicks Interactive

SpyFu gives us insight into what your competition is doing online and helps us make decisions about what SEO strategies to deploy.

Recon really is making a difference FAST in our ability to sell SEO.
–Colleen Harper

I sent a SpyFu Recon Files SEO Dashboard report to three prospective clients and it helped me sign all of them!
–Sean McAllister

“You are right we got some stellar results since the last period, which confirms all other data that I have. I have used your data to drive some amazing results for clients — particularly around defining what business goals should be, breaking myths and misconceptions and other business and strategy related concepts.”
–Amanda Watlington,
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“Another tool I love to use is SpyFu. It’s a great tool to check how much money advertisers usually spend on that keyword a day. So you  can assess how much you can potentially make when you can rank that keyword.”
–Trent Dyrsmid,

“I’m impressed. Anyone interested in learning more about SEO and SEM, check it out”
–Izabella Superak

“Recon shifted my way of thinking about selling SEO.  Your approach–especially valuing organic keywords and describing them as SEO clicks–made a very real difference for my company… ”
–Robert Donnell,

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I LOVE spyfu. Spy fu isn’t a real person, but if he was, I’d give him a big fat man hug. Spyfu should be illegal. But it isn’t, which is very good for us snoopy type A personalities. And I mean illegal in a good way. Like against the Internet marketing law kind of thing.
–Ian Hollander

“Since using SpyFu at Koozai, we have been able to uncover some real keyword gems that we had not thought of before. The best feature in our opinion is SpyFu Kombat which allows you to compare three websites and shows you the paid search keyword overlap. The beauty of this is that you can easily see the keywords you are not targeting and are already working for your competitors.

The benefits of SpyFu have definitely outweighed the minimal monthly cost and all the team are using different elements of the tool functionality on a daily basis. As a market research tool it is essential.”

Mike Essex, Koozai Ltd

I love Spyfu because it allows me to track my competition.  I can see what they are doing and meet or beat them at their own game!
–Elizabeth Bragg

“I love spyfu, I use it whenever researching a niche myself.”
–Andrew Tide

“Spyfu is a great resource! I can’t believe I didn’t know about it before. This has come in an excellent time for me as I am doing market research for [a] client.”
–Alexa Ronngren, Aldeia Global Marketing

This is one of my earning secret[s from] last month.. I am using SpyFu for free and got money from Adsense.
–Jay Than

I did not know SpyFu existed. I just spent 30 minutes on that site and I love it!
–Brad Becker

A great client retention tool…the ability to establish client confidence early on will affect the whole engagement in dynamic ways.
–Matt Hill

“SpyFu is the best tool on the web!”
–Joe Lambert

“SpyFu is for Ballas!”
–Merry Morud, Aimclear

“We just wanted you to know how helpful your site was in getting our internet business up and running.  The keywords we chose were based on your research, the website competition was revealing when crafting our email messages and sales plan, and the pay per click information helped us to find the best plan for us based on the keywords that were most often used by our closest competition.  Thank you so much. ”
–Ellyn Hilliard

“I can tell you f…as an owner of multiple financially successful websites…that some of Spyfu’s numbers are terrifyingly accurate.  What you get for free is the kind of market research that would have cost king’s ransom just 10 years ago, and their paid upgrade is more than worth the money. ”
–Web Marketing Strategies

And What They’re Saying about SpyFu

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SpyFu is simply the best keyword competitive intelligence tool in the market.

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“Online marketers are always looking for new and efficient ways to conduct research and SpyFu is a source that doesn’t get much easier.”
–Nick Stamoulis
Search Engine Optimization Journal

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“For all of us setting up and managing AdWords marketing campaigns and other PPC efforts, should definitely become a resource in setup and ongoing PPC management!”

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“…an extremely valuable tool for keyword research.”
–Evan Carmichael blog

As Seen In

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Mentioned in a series on using the right keyword tool to avoid Adwords mistakes and using competition to boost your SEO performance.

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An excerpt: “Download competitors’ online advertising spending, keywords, and Adword details.  Consistent and repeat spending generally indicates successful advertising ROI.”

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Reporters turned to SpyFu when describing where political campaigns capitalize on the best keyword choices and find that keyword management oversights can lead to embarrassing tie-ins.

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