Quick Demo: Start Using Keyword SmartSearch

With its incredible potential for advanced keyword search, starting Keyword SmartSearch can be a little daunting.  In this demo, Patrick removes the mystery.

Video Transcript:

Hi, this is Patrick from Spyfu.com, here to tell you about one of the most powerful tools SpyFu has to offer– Keyword SmartSearch.

Keyword SmartSearch encapsulates every bit of research we’ve done on defining profitable keywords.

It’s magical in its simplicity and massive in its power user features.

Simply put, we designed it to be the awesome-ist keyword research tool on the planet.

This planet at least.

In this video I’ll show you how to take just a few keyword ideas and turn them into a fully optimized list of keywords that will help start making you money in your PPC campaign today.

So let’s do a sample campaign to test drive this tool.

Let’s say you’re in the bunny slipper industry.

You distribute bunny slippers through your website and you want to know what other keywords you should advertise on, outside of just bunny slippers.

This sometimes is a tough thing to do.

When a potential buyer searches for your product, what other words might they use to describe it.

Rabbit slippers.

Bunny pajamas.

Maybe just the word slippers.

But is the keyword slippers too general to even be profitable.

If it is profitable, well then, awesome.

But it probably isn’t.

That’s where Keyword SmartSearch comes in handy.

Let’s continue with that example.

Bunny slippers.

And then I’ll hit Search.

And it gives me over 100 similar results to that one keyword.

Pretty nifty, right.

It’s super nifty.

What you don’t see is that this tool is using all of SpyFu’s data, 22 million keywords tracked over seven years, incorporating everything we know about competitive intelligence and giving it all to you in one slick interface.

We also automatically sort them for you, putting the best on top.

And we determine the best by using our two simple laws of ad buying.

People will waste money on PPC.

They frequently will do this.

But they won’t waste a lot of money for a long time.

They’ll see what expensive keywords aren’t working for them and shut those keywords down.

So we know what’s profitable by eliminating what isn’t.

Even though some of your competitors might be bad at PPC by themselves, if two or three or 10 of them are buying the same keywords, there’s strength in those numbers and wisdom in those trends.

So even though novelty slippers might not be as popular of a keyword as animal slippers, it’s probably being used over a longer span of time by a wider variety of advertisers, not to knock the second best keyword.

Actually, the top 20 on this list are probably profitable keywords that you should look into.

Of course, you can organize this list by a variety of things, including cost per click, global search volume, even whether it’s a broad phrase or exact match by clicking on the headers.

So those are the basics of Keyword SmartSearch.

I’m going to give you one last thing to play with to better fine tune your search results.

And that’s the Narrow Results section in basic view.

This section really allows you to filter keywords to fit into your campaign.

Filtering really customizes the keyword results to fit your budget and or ideal search volume and or number of words and or number of competing advertisers, broad CPC, and clicks per day.

Just click on any of these to add that filter to your results.

It will still give you new and unique keywords, but now those keywords will better fit into your PPC plan.

I recommend that you play around with Keyword SmartSearch a bit, in basic and in expert view, because in the next video I’m going to lay on you the full power of its customization and search potential by introducing search operators.

Thanks for watching.