Recon Files: It Changes Everything

SEO muscle gets PPC respect.

We’ve all heard it.  PPC is easily measured.  It translates to clicks, and clicks they understand.  Enough!

It’s time to level the playing field.  Give SEO the respect it’s due when it comes to share of budget, value to the bottom line, and good old-fashioned credit for success.

These actionable reports highlight performance summaries of your domains and double as sales pieces for expanding SEO work.  Even with a PPC campaign in place, building an SEO foundation is a must.  It increases overall PPC conversions, but SEO on its own is a less expensive and often more effective approach.

Bottom Line Language

Why is rank important, anyway?  Rank translates to clicks, so speak that language.  In RECON Files, we work in cross-over metrics like clicks and value.  Understand the domain’s keyword position, but translate it into figures that matter most when making the case for more business.

SpyFu Biggest Opportunities Within Recon Reports

RECON Files show you in clicks and dollars what you can expect to gain for every SEO action we recommend.  And because SEO drives conversions, SpyFu RECON Files fully support efforts in building the SEO budget, including specific direction on where to get more dollars without spending an additional cent.

SpyFu Recon report savings on shared keywords

Found Time

If you are already losing hours on tedious spreadsheets, we take that off your hands.  And if you aren’t already summarizing your performance in reports, this helps you shine.

Starting is easy.  In fact, it’s harder to toil away on your own.   We have months of SEO activity already tracked, so just select the domain, and the research is done.  This means your baseline setup time is practically zero.   No waiting to build up a history—on any domain.  Look like a pro to existing clients and new business alike.

Every RECON Files report is created to sell.  Run with our suggestions (personalized and in writing!) to improve content where it matters most. These actionable reports outline exactly what to do next and what you can expect to gain from it so you can stop second-guessing your next move.