Increase Your SEO ROI and Measure Results with RECON Files Reports

The RECON Files reports create value and subtract costs.  That’s the first step, but this video shared detailed examples of how these reports should expand your return on investment even further.

Video Transcript:

One of the things that we have designed the report to do is to retain your customers longer.

It seems like the average retention is something like 10 months.

If we increase that number from 10 months to 11 months, right, we are increasing your retention rate by 10%.

And if all we ever do is do that for one out of 10 of your customers, then basically we’re at break even.

Improving customer retention by 1%– that’s all we’re talking about.

I guarantee that we’ll achieve those numbers.

We’re going to smash that.

It’ll be like 20%.

What your reports really should be doing is they should be retaining your customers.

They should be upselling them.

If they’re not doing that, then they’re missing a huge sales opportunity.

What successful SEO agencies tend to do is they just pitch people a price and then they swallow a huge upfront cost.

So let’s say that you have a relatively small client and you’re going put in 40 hours of upfront research cost before you’re able to actually provide real SEO work.

Internal bill rate is $30 an hour.

That’s $1, 00.

$1, 00 probably pays for your report for the entire year.

Alternatively, you could look at it from how much you get billed for that time extra.

You could actually be billing your customer for actual SEO work at let’s say, I don’t know, $150 an hour.

With recon files, we basically give you a roadmap that you can deliver to your client.

How many articles do you need to write on what keywords and at how high of a quality does it need to be.

So you’re creating value and you’re subtracting cost.

That’s pretty awesome.

It saves you 75% of your time.

At the end of every month, you have to generate an SEO report for your customer.

People need to see that you’re doing something for them.

With the minimum amount of information, show them that you’re actually doing work.

It could be somewhere between 30 minutes and four hours that it takes you to put those reports together.

It’s mind numbing, horrible work that you’re having your knowledge workers do and they hate you for it.

So not only does it cost you money, but it also breeds hate.

You can try Spy Fu recon files absolutely no risk, 30 day money back guarantee.

That’s the way it is with all of the Spy Fu products.

We are definitely not It’s kind of our motto.

We have a video series walking you through how to interpret these thingss– how to use them to improve your engagement with your costumers.

And then we have about 50, 60 pages of written tutorial content showing you the same thing going into a little more depth.

It’s a differentiator.

I mean these are beautiful reports that everything about them is designed to sell and it’s designed to upsell and it’s designed to retain.

And that’s like– what else can you ask for from .