Recon Files SEO Reports for Agencies

More Productive Client Interaction

Recon Files reports were built on 3 key services to help you develop and grow your client partnerships.

1. Controlling the Message

You understand better than anyone the difference between sharing the information and controlling the message.  We built safeguards into RECON Files to respect that balance.

Protecting You From Volatile Keywords

Party Supply Universe slips in position for mylar balloons, the story isn’t unnerving if they still hold solid placement for helium balloons, balloon bouquets, party balloons, and balloon supplies.

We organize your keywords into relevant groups and measure them as a whole.  This calms down the noise of a few and shows the power of your combined efforts.  No more roller coasters of rankings.


SpyFu SEO Dashboard for panasonic
Control the Content of any Report

Customize the content and length to fit your audience.  The sections you pore over with the marketing manager might distract a C-level executive.  Hide sections with ease, and filter out keywords that you aren’t ready to focus on.

Joining design and white labeling options (below), these tools create dazzling and unique presentations. Depending on whom you’re targeting, you can show only the sections they will find most compelling. That filter goes a long way to keep you in control of how your SEO results are perceived.

2. Build Value

White label and Personalize with Ease

Whether you want to add your client’s logo (or two) through our simple-to-use wizard or keep it just your own is up to you.  The final result will look as if your team spent hours compiling this research.

SpyFu White Label SEO Recon Reports

The key part there is “your team.”  Adding two logos removes SpyFu imaging from the report, so this looks like an in-house creation.  And don’t worry, we’ll never tell.

Panasonic White Label SEO Report
Managing client expectations

Turn to RECON Files to complement your own analytics.

RECON Files incorporates estimated numbers, derived from actual data and careful assumptions.

Of course without your true Google Analytics data, these aren’t exact statistics.  The intention is to give you a trendline to follow for existing clients and a barometer you could use to gauge potential clients.

 It’s better to rely on estimates than to make your client fill the gap by estimating numbers on his own.

Competitor Awareness

Never lose sight of competitors on your radar.  We scour SERP’s for sites that overlap the same keywords you rank on. This section is a natural segue from “Building Value” to “Spotting Opportunity.”  Your talent for understanding the competitionis key to asserting your own value with your client.

In fact, protecting your rankings from another site’s gains is critical, but not every competitor is a threat.   Similar websites’ rankings could clue you into areas of where you can develop content and capture traffic.

You can use the SEO Ranking Report to customize your competitor list,  but consider the benefits of measuring pre-selected competitors:

  • Learn from similar sites you might not have considered
  • Spot a threat your would have missed
  • Automated selection speeds the report setup

3. Actionable Opportunities

Actionable direction

Selling to your existing clients becomes easier when the direction is clear.  We spotlight improvement opportunities where you can make the case for increased SEO business.  “Gain 14,000 clicks (an equivalent $82,000 value in PPC) by ranking on the first page for these keywords.”   Or, convince them to switch gears from PPC to SEO in areas where it delivers the biggest gains in clicks and cost savings.

Your New Business Ally

Don’t let the in-depth analytics mislead you.  RECON Files aren’t limited to your listed clients.  Rely on it for new business and shine during the pitch.  The same actionable direction means you can outline a plan based on a prospective client’s history—even if you just landed the meeting this week.

Reach out to new business without constraints

The estimated numbers in RECON reports allow you to pursue new business even without having an inside track.  You don’t need keyword lists or their analytics.  We’ll cover you so you can be prepared from the moment you make the appointment.