Selling SEO: How to Present to Potential Clients when Their Organic Presence is Weak

SEO Prospecting with SpyFu Recon:

How to present to potential clients when their organic presence is weak at best.

Embarrassed woman on her computerA customer called us after running a Recon report for a new business meeting later that day. “I’m in a tough spot, because the report shows them ranking on hardly anything. The keywords they do rank on just aren’t what this company’s about. It’s kind of embarrassing, and I don’t even know what to say at this point.”

Surprisingly, this is good news.

A weak showing isn’t a dead end. In fact, this might even do more to make his case for new business than what a robust report would have done. We offered a suggestion.

How He Flipped it to His Advantage

By creating a Recon report for the competitor, he took both reports into the meeting and presented both a benchmark and a goal. What better way to show just how big that gap was between the potential client’s existing SEO plans and their competitor’s healthy online presence.

This gives a helpful contrast to the unnecessary keywords his potential client ranked on, and it helped him lay out a plan of which specific areas they would start to tackle first.

(Watch the video about this story—and just what did they rank on?)


SpyFu President Mike Roberts gives the back story (and the solution).

Put it to Work for Yourself

Your ideal client could be one that has no SEO traction. This is a wide-open opportunity to wow them. So how do you structure the presentation?

  • Step 1: show them how poorly they are doing. (Yes!)
  • Step 2: Show them how well their competitors are doing.
  • Step 3: Spell out the opportunity for them in terms of dollars they’re leaving on the table.

Ah, how do I do step 3 you ask?

Using their own Recon Files report, head to the “Biggest Opportunities” section where we spell out potential clicks, in terms of dollars. Our video helps you get started, and you can dive into more detail here.

What about the ones that don’t have enough of an SEO imprint to get a Recon report?

Value of organic clicks per month data in SpyFu Recon reportsLet’s be blunt. There’s only one way to go but up. Nearly everything you accomplish will be an improvement. But you know and we know (and you know that we know that you…uh, nevermind) that you’re not copping out with that one. It’s important to set goals and to land your new business with very specific details of what you’ll deliver.  So with no Recon report to show for this potential client, here’s your approach.

Return to the competitor’s report. Start with the high level summaries. Remember, this report is about what “” did well, so you frame this as a gauge of the big-time value that is within reach.  Use the first page of the Recon Files report to paint the picture of the value they’re getting from their SEO activity.   Use the complete summary, and make sure to zero in on “Value of Organic Clicks per Month,” (right).

Then, start your plan with ideas triggered from their Most Valuable Keywords.

Let Nothing Keep you from Landing New Business and Selling More Services

You can create a report for a competitor easily. There’s very little “inside knowledge” necessary. All you need to know is the domain name. We’ll handle the rest.

Now with Recon Files you can approach a potential client with confidence.

  • There is no waiting for data to accumulate over the month once you’ve said “go.”
  • Erase any uncertainty about their field. (Who are their top competitors anyway? We’re on it.)
  • It looks like you’ve spent weeks with an insider compiling this extensive market research.

Recon reports have always been primed for sales. As “reports that sell for you” these highlight new opportunities you could turn into more business—regardless of how much you knew about the client. Now we know how useful they can be when that potential client’s SEO imprint gives you very little to go on.