Why Did We Start the RECON Files Project? To Spotlight Your Work as the SEO.

RECON Files reports use domain-specific measurements and keyword groups to put the spotlight on you. After all, you are the reason we felt compelled to build this new solution.


We developed RECON Files to shine the light on what you did, and they point the way to what you can accomplish.

This is why we did it.

We heard you.

Early on after taking part in speaking engagements, blogs, and trade show events, we felt welcomed into the SEO community.  Soon we connected with more SEOs and digital agency representatives, hearing first-hand about pitfalls and challenges they face.

It seemed that the same frustrations repeated from one person to another.

  • Clients fail to grasp the full value of SEO
  • Requires heavy, up-front  time investment before new clients see results
  • Dramatic rank changes steal the focus from the big picture

Could we do something about it?

With our extensive data and our capabilities, we knew we were uniquely positioned to make some changes. It felt like something we owed to the community.

So then we thought, “what if…?”

What if we could translate SEO’s results into clear language that clients get? 

SEO generates 80% of the clicks on Google, but in this multi-billion industry, it gets only 20% of the budget. We wanted to make SEO value as easy to understand—and as easy to appreciate—as PPC is.

We would translate SEO results into measureable value.

What if we could drastically reduce the amount of time and effort it takes before you can show results to a new client?

We’ve heard of swallowing the $10,000 pill — describing the labor-intensive start to a client relationship. Research and planning before you can even start producing any return often tallies a time and work investment that no other digital marketing medium has to face.

We would eliminate the baseline work. Relying on our historical data, we have the research in place before you start. Our competitor and keyword suggestions can build on this experience and reduce your planning time.

What if we could build time-saving reports that made you look like a million bucks?

After hours, days or even weeks of research and manual entry, you are too time-strapped to showcase your work professionally enough to do the results justice.   And no existing reports out there had the information you need to show.

It’s important to remind your clients of the unquestionable value you bring serving as both a results-getter and a forward-thinking planner.

We would design automated, polished, white labeled reports that put the results front and center. The SEO, the agency, the work: all of these will shine.

What if we could ease the algorithm monster and even out expectations?

SEO’s are bound by constraints of the algorithm. This big monster means it’s harder to explain your careful approach compared to something as simple as “if I pay $2.30 per click, my ad appears when someone searches for limousine services.”

Even more frustrating, a client’s focus follows only the most dramatic change in ranking.

We would measure keywords in groups of tight, related ideas. Seeing progress from that perspective evens out the volatility of dramatic rankings. It lets the big picture become clear.

And it turned into “why not?”

We did it. Every part.

Every what- if became a must-have. Combined with SpyFu’s years of data, RECON Files reports come equipped with heft and substance that position you to gain more trust and sell more services.

SpyFu Recon SEO report examples small

Every page in this polished report showcases what you achieved and points the way to the most effective improvements to tackle next. Selling more services is the next logical step.

This is about you. It’s about your clients. White-label capabilities put your work front and center with SpyFu simply powering the data. Take the credit. You’re the one who makes it happen.


Video Transcript:

So here’s the thing that sucks.
There’s this really kind of messed divide.
All the money, 80% of the money in search marketing gets spent on paid search.
And 20% gets spent on SEO.
Just talking and sympathizing with SEOs, I think there’s a lot of frustration as to what’s going on.
A lot of times, on SEO it’s very hard to quantify things in a meaningful way.
Well, you know you’re moving up.
You can see your rank has moved up.
How do you convey that to people, that you are monitoring an ad budget.
SEOs are delivering value meaning and only getting this much money in return.
Reporting is always a big hurdle.
Unless we can show value in what we’re doing, it’s really pointless.
They want a thick report.
So if we give them a thick report, they’re going to tend to trust that.
SEOs do this every single month.
It’s not like they do this once.
The clients expect you to deliver some sort of a report every month.
It’s very frustrating and time consuming.
It can be anywhere from half an hour to five hours in a day.
Three hours sometimes, putting stuff together.
Oh, I just got done with it.
Guess what.
It’s only 24 more days until I have to do it all over a-fucking-gain.
Kuh kah! So we started to say, well, you know, what can we do.
What if we could eliminate baselining all together.
There’s stuff that your software does that takes me hours and hours and hours to do.
How much value could you deliver if you didn’t have to do 60 hours or 120 hours in the beginning.
SpyFu is one of only a handful of companies that’s positioned to do this.
We’ve been the data that’s necessary.
The touch work of making the charts, making the graphs, doing the preliminary analysis, the data crunching– That data that he showed me, when overlaid with our own data– that’s red– we knew that magic was going to happen.
You can start talking to your potential clients with full knowledge of everything there is to know about their SEO campaign, and all the opportunity.
Then we can say, hey, there’s this opportunity we have right here.
Before you go in for your first sales meeting, and what if we could make it as easy for clients to understand the value proposition of SEO as it is for them to understand the value proposition of PPC.
With being able to show with your reports whether it’s going to be more cost effective on SEO or PPC, we’re actually able to be even more performance-based when talking to people.
So that you can tie your organic placement to dollars, or at least clicks.
Here’s the potential clicks that you could have gained if you just focused on links in this area of keywords.
We could be getting you 11, 00 more clicks worth $15, 00 that you’re already buying on PPC.
So give us that $20, 00 this month, and you’ll get $15, 00 dollars every month for ever.
It’s going to be able to make us more showing people just how necessary our services are.