Choosing Between the Domain Report and the Keyword Ranking Report

Every SEO campaign, including yours, needs a plan of attack. Just like you can’t point blindly at a map and cross your fingers, you can’t Map with question marks over itjust hop on keywords and hope for the best. And just like your troops would need different tools to get a job done, we’re now prepared to offer you the same thing: two different Recon Files SEO reports, one for your domain as a whole, and one for the keywords you choose.

But how are the Domain and Keyword Ranking reports different? How are they similar? How much new material will we have to learn? How do I know which report to use?

All excellent questions, and we’re here to provide.

You know and love our Domain Dashboard report (and if you don’t, you should!). It was designed for ease of use, clearly outlining opportunities and potential, helping you improve your domain’s rankings on every. last. point, highlighting your efforts against your competitors and where they’re sneaking up behind you. Keywords, keyword groups, competition and opportunity (missed or otherwise), it’s all there, laid out before you in a handy, familiar, customizable package.

Since the Keywod Ranking Report is modeled after the Domain Dashboard report, there’s no intimidating new format to learn. Your same familiar sections pop up, taking you step by step through your keywords (remember, your keywords, the ones you chose!), your keyword groups and your competitors. Again, we showcase your changes over the last month, and the year as a whole, and then highlight where you are missing key opportunities. We still show what your competitors are doing so you’re never blindsided. Our data is still updated every month, so you’ll always be in the know. And, of course, it’s still completely customizable, so you look like you spent weeks putting together the report just for them.

So what does the Keyword Ranking Report bring to the table that’s so special?

What makes the Keyword report special is that it is undeniably yours. You pick the keywords that go into it, down to the last one. Everything about the Keyword Ranking report is tailored to what you specify, setting it apart from the one-size-fits-all Domain report from before. As mentioned in our previous article, it’s designed to help you focus on specific goals. And adding in the keywords to the report automatically enters any keywords we don’t have into our database, so your reports will always be improving.

But now you have choices, and choices are hard. How do you know which report to use?

The Domain and the Keyword Reports were created so you could showcase exactly what you need to convey, whether that is the overal picture, a focused view, or multiple perspectives.

The two reports are designed to be both supplementary, and to stand on their own. Running the Domain Dashboard will highlight your entire site, giving you the whole picture. This is great when first engaging a client, or when you My Keyword cross hairwant to update them on their domain, or their competitor’s domain, in completion. You can also use it to give you a better understanding of what keywords represent the best opportunity, allowing you to transfer this knowledge to create your more focused and centralized Keyword Ranking report.

The Keyword report can also stand on its own, showing a prospective or current client that you have a plan. You’ve taken the keywords you know they want to improve on, or that you think they should improve on, and highlighted every little detail. You can create multiple for the same domain, tracking each of your projects and comparing their progress side by side.

Either report creates a convenient segue for the other. They’re different tools in your arsenal, all designed to show your client, and you, how to attack keywords and rankings for the best effect. We provide the maps and coordinats so that, whether you’re carpet bombing with the Domain Report or staging tactical strikes with the Keyword Report, you’re never fighting blind.