Research How I Can Boost my Rankings

Update: We’ve created an in-depth workflow on this topic. Follow along here to see how to Move up the Page on Specific Keywords.
Turn to the Recon Files report: gather the topics where your SEO growth will pay off the most.

Details: Run a Recon Files Domain Dashboard report.

  1. From the Recon Files tab, create a report on your own domain.
    Create a Recon Report Button
  2. Inside the report, head to the Keyword Groups with the Most Potential section around page 12. (The actual page can vary per report), or look for it in the navigation menu in the PDF format.
    Keyword groups showing data
  3. These groups include related keywords that are the most likely to yield high-value clicks when you increase your rankings on them. Click the additional details button to get more information on how you can boost your rankings.
    Expanded keyword group data showing biggest opportunities within the group
  4. The supporting details on this expanded page include competitors who have already ranked well on these keywords—good resources for your own strategy. There are also specific keywords prioritized for their potential and the very URLs that can be improved to boost your rankings.

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