Search keywords for a common link across your B2B Leads

Sometimes, you just want to target businesses who go after specific keywords. This could be any number of reasons; the winter months are upon us and you know the best way to advertise footie pajamas, or you want to help dentists capitalize in the after-holidays toothaches. That means, not only are you looking in a specific niche or industry, but you also want to focus on a certain aspect of that industry.

You might not want all dentists, as they aren’t all available for 24 hour emergency root canals, or you’ll want clothing suppliers who cater to the child-like grownups who still enjoy cartoon-character printed night clothes with the socks built-in. Searching by keyword is the way to go.

We’ve made it incredibly easy. In fact, the main Leads page provides a search bar for you to do just that: search by keyword.

Searching for top list by keywords

Just enter in the keyword you think is most pertinent to the area you want to focus on, and we return every domain that’s used that word as part of their keyword campaigns. It makes excluding all those sites that aren’t cool enough to know about footie pajamas simple and easy.

SpyFu sales leads example excerpts

From here, the process remains simple; continue using the left sidebar to sort by ad budget, seo clicks, technology, location or social metrics. You’ll soon find your sweet spot, just as surely as that dentist will find plenty to drill with your expert marketing skills.

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