Search for Low Cost, Long Tail Keywords

Start with Related Keywords: Using any domain or keyword as a starting point, build a list of keywords filtered down to the exact costs and word-length that fits you best.

Details: start with Related Keywords

1.  You can find low-cost, long-tail keywords by starting with a keyword close to the niche you want to target. (Keep it a little broad to start.) I’m using “build your own website” in the example. Type it into the SpyFu search box.  Choose the “Related Keywords” option under the Keyword Research tab.

Related Keyword Location

2.  Use the instant filters on the left to narrow down your targeted list. To get low-cost, long-tail keywords, try a combination of the “Cost per Day” and “Number of Words” filters.

Related Keyword Filters

3. Continue to filter with any combination that puts you within range of your targeted budget and keyword length. You can also sort the columns to keep track of what you’re reviewing.